Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Trivial History December 20

Greetings readers of all things large and small.
Nothing too earth shatteringly largish here but they do say good things come in small packages....
Yes you may use a magnifying glass.

1829 William Denovan was hatched. He was a busy bloke who managed to keep himself out of mischief with various jobs. Read more HERE.

1842 Making way for my bro, John So....The newly-elected Melbourne council took over from the Market Commissioners.

1851 Dorothy Montefiore was pupped. She was an editor and poet becoming a leading women's activist after learning that, after her husbands' death, she had no legal rights as guardian over her children.Read more of this lady HERE.

1856 Henry Tryon was launched into the world in England but he soon made himself felt in Australia. Amongst his many works was the attempted eradication of those pesky rabbits in NSW. Read more HERE.

1873 A mail steamer service began between Sydney and San Francisco. "Be sure to wear a flower in your hair..."

1889 The Melbourne-based Premier Permanent Building, Land and Investment Association collapsed. This heralded the end of the land boom and the beginning of the financial bust that was known as a depression.

1890 The Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works Act was assented to in Victoria.You know, that wet stuff they now claim is owned by the government and charge like wounded bulls to let us use...

1894 England beat Australia by 10 runs in the 1st six-day Test Cricket match.I suppose Warnie was busy on his mobile again...

1895 SA passed legislation enabling for federation to occur. Oh how simply grand of them...yippie...

1901 Andrew Reid was delivered by the stork. Among the many achievements of this chappie was the development of the snowfields at Thredbo and the establishment of charitable trusts in both Melbourne and Sydney, as he firmly believed in the saying " only a fool dies a rich man". Read more HERE.

1917 PM Billy Hughes, aka The Labor Rat, second referendum on conscription was soundly defeated and saw him booted from the ALP.

1969 Rolf Harris had the Christmas No.1 of 1969 and the last No.1 of the 1960s with "Two Little Boys had two little toys, each had a wooden horse..." Go on, you know you want to hum along for a few bars.

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