Friday, December 21, 2007

Trivial History December 21

Good morning to all,wherever you might be about this globe spinning merrily on its axis in space.
Or are we merely specks clinging to a childs spinning top whirling giddily into the great unknown?
The answer to this and other perplexing questions will not be answered here....

Tis the season ...for Christmas Beetles, fa la la la la.These pretty beetles are mostly active at night but please restrain yourself from hanging these delightfully harmless insects upon the Christmas tree as their numbers have declined in recent years.

1817 The name 'Australia' was officially adopted by Governor Macquarie .Aren't we all relieved he didn't settle on Large Island of Flies?!

1824 Thomas O'Grady was born. He built several notable buildings including the Melbourne Gaol, the Ararat Asylum and the Essendon to Seymour railway line. Read more about this chappie HERE.

1850 John Brown, Australia's 'coal baron' was hatched.Apart from managing coal mines he also bred and owned racehorses, winning over £ 90,000 in racing stakes between 1910 and 1924. Read more HERE.

1857 Nathaniel Gould, journalist, sports writer, and author was delivered by the stork.An accurate racing tipster, he picked the winner of the 1895 Victoria Derby as his ship was taking him from Australia back to England.Read more about Nat Gould HERE.

1853 Gladstone in Qld was gazetted as a town site, which was handy for those already living there!

1870 Victorian MPs voted to be paid 300 pounds a year after a bill passed through the Legislative Council allowing for a three year trial period of such payment.Disgraceful ! They should be pleased to simply work for the good of the public...oh,hang on, there's that word 'work', oops !

1876 Jack Lang, NSW Premier and colourful figure in politics was pupped.He was married to Henry Lawsons sister-in-law and continued to put Australia and Australians welfare before loan repayments to Britain during the Great Depression despite overwhelming opposition. Read more about 'The Big Fellow' HERE.

1883 Isabelle Reid was born today. The first formally recognised female veterinary surgeon in the world, Isabelle set up her practice in Whitehorse Rd and was a frequent sight travelling to her calls by pony and trap.She bought a farm of 1,000 acres at Bundoora, called Blossom Park. The famous landscaper Edna Walling designed the gardens of Blossom Park where Isabelle began breeding her prize-winning horses,dogs, cattle and pigs. Read more of this fascinating lady HERE.

1894 The South Australian Government became one of the first in the world to recognise female suffrage and to give women the right to stand for elections in parliament.See, it's the little things that lead to commonsense( ie women) finally being elected into governments.

1916 The Australian Light Horse captured El Arish.

1925 Stork Hendry scored 325 for Victoria against New Zealand.Howzat !

2001 The Melbourne Herald-Sun printed its last afternoon edition, eleven years after the merger of the Herald with the Sun News Pictorial. Now commuters may read either the free MX newspaper or the garish graffiti as they travel home each evening...

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