Saturday, December 22, 2007

Trivial History December 22

Another glorious day of rain, sleet, hail, drizzle, cloud-juice, cat and dog weather, liquid sunshine, extra heavy dew, window washing stuff, persistent precipitation and a cataract of sky spit !
We shall, of course, be meeting in our backyards to revel in this wonderful weather - thunderclaps and lightning shall be the only exception !

1826 Australia's first Poet Laureate, the Oxford educated convict Michael Robinson, passed into the great beyond. When he was granted this honour in 1818 he was given 2 cows from the Govt's herd. Bovine inspiration perhaps? Read more about our first Poet Laureate HERE.

1881 Rodney Alsop was hatched. An architect, Rodney was always trying to develop a suitable Australian style of house design. Read more about this talented chap HERE.

1884 George Adamson was pupped in Tassie. George was a children's author, journalist, poet and short story writer of some renown.Read more HERE.

1888 The 1000th Act of the Victorian Parliament, the Discipline Acts Amendment Act 1888 became operative on 22 December 1888. Hip hip...hooray ?

1888 Merry Christmas, Harry. Henry Lawson's first short story, 'His Father's Mate', was published in the Christmas edition of the Bulletin.

1906 Stanley Turnbull was delivered by the stork today. He was an art critic, poet, journalist, biographer of several well-known Australians and close to John Wren's family. Read more of this nice bloke HERE.

1911 Which bank ? The Federal government under Labor's Andrew Fisher established the Commonwealth Bank.

1913 It's a blink and miss affair, Georgie-boy ! Premier of Victoria George Alexander Elmslie retired from office having served just 14 days.

1970 The Victorian Government passed the Motor Cars (Safety) Act 1970 enforcing motorists and their passengers to wear seat belts in their cars. Victoria was the first place in the world to make the use of lap-sash belts compulsory in both front and rear seats - all other Australian states and territories followed by the end of 1971. So remember this festive season - BELT UP !

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