Sunday, December 23, 2007

Trivial History December 23

Another lovely day beginning with the sun rising once more over the distant hills, highlighting the ever-growing number of vanishing rural vistas,clogged car parks masquerading as freeways and my innumerable grey hairs.
Take some time this festive season to visit the quieter back roads, just like One Little Detail, where the air is cleaner, the milk actually comes from cows, the screeching noises are from the colourful birdlife and where people never shortchange you with a smile.

Pickle the Spy did die. Who was Pickle ? Find out HERE.

1843 Australia's first newspaper, The Sydney Gazette, collapsed. Houses of cards have just as much luck...

1846 Adelaide's first steeple-chase horse race took place. Just as well it was horses racing, as the 2 legged fillies would have trouble leaping over the fences in their faux fashions clutching a bottle of gut-rot grog.

1861 The first horse-drawn trams began running today in Sydney, taking passengers from Circular Quay to Redfern on a 10 min trip.A timetable today's public transport would love to achieve but for some reason can't...

1861 The English cricket team visited Australia for the first time, arriving in Melbourne.I thought they'd stopped sending their convicts out here by then...! (Tongue now removed from cheek).

1874 Marie Bjelke-Petersen,P.E teacher, author, novelist, short story writer and physical culturalist was born.While her works were widely popular outside Australia, the Australian media reviewed her harshly but she remained a mildly popular author in her adopted homeland. Read more HERE.

1879 Dixie Clement was hatched. Dixie managed to fit in a spot of goldmining, being one of the team that discovered the Lancefield mine at Laverton, before finishing his studies and becoming a widely respected ob-gyn in Perth. Read more HERE.

1883 Janet Cumbrae Stewart was delivered by the stork in Melbourne. Janet was an artist who studied at the Melbourne National Gallery School under Fred McCubbin. Read more HERE

1889 Doris Jones, novelist and playwright, was pupped. Doris wrote her first play aged 14 and her first novel, published in 1913 , when she was 15. Read more of this almost forgotten writer HERE.

1895 Legislation to enable Federation was enacted in New South Wales.Must have been the Chrissy spirit from the plum puddings that got to them.

1906 Australia's first practical lifesaving reel was put to use at Bondi Beach. Remember - swim between the flags and say thanks to the many Life-Savers patrolling our beaches this summer. They aren't called 'Life-Savers' for nothing !

1923 Compulsory voting was introduced for elections for the Victorian Legislative Assembly. There goes the Saturdee arvos...

1981 Sir Reginald Ansett, founder of Ansett Airlines, passed away. He began by running a road transport company in rural areas which was in reality a bus service with passengers carrying a piece of fruit each to comply with the rules defining transport of the day. Read more of this enterprising bloke HERE

1984 Lady Joan Lindsay, author of 'Picnic at Hanging Rock', followed Miranda into the great unknown. Married to Sir Daryl Lindsay, brother of Norman Lindsay, she also wrote a biographical account of her early married life in 'Time Without Clocks'. Read more of this lovely lady HERE

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