Monday, December 24, 2007

Trivial History December 24

God rest ye, merry gentlemen as shepherds watch their flocks by night with jingly bells and keep an eye out for those 6 white boomers racing Santa Claus through the blazing sun in the bleak midwinter !

Yes tis certainly the silly season with only 1 sleep left til the Big Bloke from the North pole drops down our chimneys to guzzle the beer and ANZAC bikkies...after he's popped a few parcels about the place, of course.

With the rain drizzling yet again I suspect many farmers have received their presents early; lets hope Hughie keeps sending her down for many weeks to come.

While many might state Australia is too hot at Christmas for a Yule Log, you can get around this by having a Yule Log cake.
Chocolate biscuits,smothered in whipped cream in the shape of a log, left overnight in the fridge and voila - your chocolate Yule Log is ready to burst the last buttons on anyone's clothes!

1826 Edmund Lockyer arrived at King George Sound to found a penal settlement...hope he brought the tinsel and mistletoe with him.

1848 Jacky Jacky and other survivors of the Kennedy expedition were rescued by the ship Ariel.

1852 Bushranger, Captain Frank Melville, was taken prisoner with an accomplice near Geelong...leaving his hidden booty and his ghost in the Melville Caves. Which will you search for ?

1864 The first art gallery in Australia opened in Melbourne.I always said Melbourne was full of artists...

1910 WA's first trotting meeting was held at the Claremont Showgrounds in Perth.With a one-horse open sleigh,hey ?

1914 In WW1 the Christmas Truce began. Read more about how festive goodwill towards fellow men almost ended WW1 four years early HERE

1926 Gordon Parsons,Composer and singer, was an early pressie from the stork. His best known work is 'The Pub With No Beer'.

1926 The largest number of runs conceded by one bowler in a single innings is 362, taken from the bowling of Arthur Mailey in a game between NSW and Vic at the MCG on this day. Ah, but have they ever seen The Spouse of The House play beach cricket ?!

1956 The first edition of the Aussie women's magazine 'Woman's Day' hit the news stands... and our mere males have never lived down their escapades since.

1974 Cyclone Tracy laid waste to Darwin resulting in the loss of 45 lives.

1974 On the look out for the suspected murderer Lord Lucan, Melbourne police mistakeningly arrested John Stonehouse but it soon came to light he was a former British minister who'd faked his death in Florida only weeks earlier, in fact doing "a Lord Lucan" ( a euphemism for disappearing).


  1. Jayne,
    Merry Christmas,
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    Don't get up to too much mischief...

  2. Have a good one Mdm. Admin :)

    Too busy with dogs, cats, chooks, tinsel and a Rainbow Lorikeet (or 3) in the pear tree to get into any mischief lol.

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