Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Trivial History December 26

Have you survived December 25th intact or was an emergency button-ectomy needed to be performed upon the straining waistband of your clothes ?
Were you as stuffed as the turkey or were you able to restrain yourself from a 3rd helping of Great Aunt Maud's whipped cream with strawberries and kiwi fruit laden pav?
Did the crackling magically appear upon your plate, insisting you devour it with gusto, amidst the minted peas, apple sauce, thick rich gravy and crispy baked spuds?
Hopefully there were enough easy chairs for all to briefly slumber in after lunch, to rest you all up before the onslaught of the Christmas Dinner of Leftovers began, after which the socks, jocks, hankies and ties found their way into your wardrobe to clothe you decently for another 12 months !

The 12 days of Christmas begins today, ending on January 6th which is Twelfth Night. So be prepared for the cacophony that's about to erupt with all the pressies your true love gave to you !
Sing along to the Politically Correct 12 Days of Christmas HERE

1855 The eventual design of the Parliament was left to two employees of what was to become the public works department, John George Knight and Peter Kerr. The first foundation stones were laid on Boxing Day 1855. At double time and a half I should hope !

1862 Gold was discovered at Walhalla. Another glittery bauble for the Christmas tree perhaps?

1867 John Bradfield, he who envisioned and designed Sydney Harbour Bridge, was found in the cabbage patch. Read more about this forward thinking engineer HERE.

1968 Ernest Lane, journalist and younger brother of William Lane, was hatched. Read more about this member of the early Labor movement HERE.

1874 John (Macartney) Abbot, jackaroo, novelist, historian, biographer and soldier, was born. His first work was published in The Bulletin in 1897. Read more about this chappie HERE.

1906 The world's first feature movie (which vies for the title with another Aussie flick, Soldiers Of The Cross), The Story of the Kelly Gang, had its premiere in the Athenaeum Hall, Melbourne. Produced by the Tait brothers, it ran for over an hour. A partially restored copy with commentaries is available for purchase from several outlets (ABC, Readings, etc)
Read more about the re-discovery and restoration of the film HERE

1921 Donald Horne, journalist, writer and social critic was pupped. He wrote 3 novels and over 20 books of history and memoirs. Read more about The Lucky Country author HERE.

1945 What was intended as a cruise soon became the Sydney to Hobart yacht race, the first being held on this day. Read more about the history of the annual Boxing Day event HERE.

Don't forget the Boxing Day cricket Test Match is on are those annual sales. You'd need a helmet, bat and box to survive either these days !

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