Friday, December 28, 2007

Trivial History December 28

Whoops, guess you didn't get out of the way before the 3 french hens decended on've got a little you-know-what on your shoulder. Isn't it amazing how those damn chooks manage to fly up like that ? I think the turtle doves and the partridge are planning a take over of the pear trees by the way...

1809 Lachlan Macquarie arrived at Sydney Cove to take up his post as Governor on New Years' Day 1810. No mucking about with public holidays with this bloke !

1811 Sir James Youl, grazier, business agent and the bloke who introduced trout and salmon to Australia, was hatched ( although not in a salmon hatchery). Read more about this determined chappie HERE.

Oddspot -

A previously bald Police constable in Sydney started a stampede to the greengrocers when he claimed he'd grown back his hair by regularly rubbing his head with raw onions, salt and water before going to sleep. And they say fads don't work... pfft !

1815 John Hargrave, judge and politician who was a little unbalanced when it came to women but who promoted legal education, was dropped off by the stork.He would start court at 11am and finish at 1pm, which didn't earn him many admirers. Read more of this odd judge HERE.

1836 Sir John Hindmarsh arrived in South Australia becoming the newly proclaimed colony's first Governor. Well, things can look up from here...can't they?

1848 Eady Hart, a very clever and forward thinking lady, was born. Eady had 8 children and 6 foster children to provide for when her husband deserted her, so she found various ways to supplement her income, one of which was a natural clothing dye she obtained from grasses. Read more about Eady Hart HERE.

Ghost spot -

An old Ballarat theatre, dating back to the 1850's, has a resident ghost of a young lady, dressed in white, who sits near the dress Circle. The ghost originated, not in the theatre itself, but in the Mechanics Institute Hall which once stood behind the theatre. This young lady made her debut by accompaning her family's muscial act on the piano at the Hall but the reviews the following day were so critical and harsh she soon sickened and died.

1850 Henry Parkes, the 'Father of federation" began the Empire newspaper. Ahh, yet more yesterday's fish wrappings...

1861 Walter Woods aka Walter Head, journalist,editor,poet and organiser of the "New Australia" commune in Paraguay, was found in the cabbage patch. Read more of this versitile chap HERE.

1877 Edmund Barton, who later became the first PM of Australia, got hitched to Jane Ross. Cheers Eddie !

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints -

While you find yourself confined to the Great Fishing Shack your spouse feels so fondly about, there is no need to allow the odour of fish to permeate you or your skin.

Recycle a net bag (the type oranges are packed in ) by doubling it over, insert a piece of scented soap and hang the bag over an outside tap or over a branch near the river. After untangling his fishing line (yet again) or after scaling and gutting his many catches (yet again) wash your hands with the soap in the netted bag - the soap will freshen your skin while the netting will make certain no scales remain.

1969 Adelaide received its first supply of natural gas from the Cooper Basin.Finally, no more baked beans...yay.

1989 Newcastle was rocked by an earthquake that measured 5.6 on the Richter Scale. 13 people were killed, more than 100 were injured and approx. 40,000 homes were damaged.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu -

Roasted Quail

Finely chop button mushrooms and brown onions, sautee them.

Steam new potatoes in the jackets.

Steam fresh asparagus spears.

Truss up your quails and make sure they're completely covered with bacon, rind and fat intact.

Toss them in a baking dish and roast them in a hot oven for approx. 20 mins, making sure to baste them frequently.

Serve the mushrooms and onions over the quail, a very small dollop of lite sour cream on top of the steamed potatoes beside the asparagus, with a clean,crisp sauvignon blanc to accompany.

Then tuck in while the family get their own tea !

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