Sunday, December 30, 2007

Trivial History December 30

Another lovely morning to wake up -that is, if your eyes are open yet!

The Tribe was voting to drag their beds outside last night to sleep in that sweet,cool breeze. Unfortunately they 'ad a 'orrible muvver what told 'em they couldn' whilst muttering dark thoughts about me under their breath, they fell into a deep slumber under open windows.

Aren't mothers just too cruel LOL.

Tis the 5th day of Christmas and I see the 5 golden rings are adorning your ears and digits with the 4 colly birds, 3 french hens, 2 turtle doves and the partridge scratching for food beneath the pear tree... this could get mesy you know...

1821 The NSW Government first permitted private distillation of grapes, sugar &

grain...yippie, home brewed grog for New Years Eve!

1835 HMS Beagle, with Charles Darwin aboard, arrived in Sydney...they said Charlie had a nose like a bloodhound for parties...

Oddspot -

The first book printed in Australia in 1802 was the most boring and yawn-inspiring collection of words titled "New South Wales General Standing Orders".

1836 Hindmarsh, Colonel Light and J H Fisher visited the proposed site of Adelaide.With the appropriate cold refreshments in hand, I trust!

1845 Thomas Spencer, a builder and industrial arbitrator who managed to pen hugely popular prose for The Bulletin, was born. Read more of this talented wit HERE

1857 Bet there were a few bending the elbow that day....The Sydney Stock Exchange opened for public business.

Ghost spot-

The Melbourne Town Hall has an apparition who is a fan of those who play the Organ and has been known to "help" by adjusting the controls in mid-play.

1876 Sir Archibald Strong, lecturer, poet, literary critic and scholar, was pupped in South Yarra.Read more about this interesting chap, who donated his collection of 5,000 books, to the University of Adelaide HERE.

1900 Edmund Barton announced his ministers for the first federal government.Now there was a chap who valued his drinking time!

1909 Jack O'Brien, a historian, history lecturer at Melb Uni and heritage conservationist, was hatched. He was innovative in his teaching of Australian architectural and urban history, read more about him HERE.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hint-

If you've forgotten to pack the corkscrew this New Years Eve, don't fret. A cup hook, the type used for hanging cups and other paraphernalia in cupboards, will suffice in an emergency. Simply screw it into the cork and gently lever the cork from the bottle.

1935 Now,pop those corks...At Wyong, New South Wales, jockey Laurie Sharpe rode in seven races for seven wins.

1938 Daisy Bates book The Passing of the Aborigines was first published.Just distilled water for Mz. Bates, thankyou !

1951 The Australian Davis Cup Team defeated the United States and retained the trophy.Raise your glasses in a nice sedate toast to the victors,chaps.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-

Extra Sweet Baked Spuds.

Steam whole new potatoes in their jackets (the small ones).

When cooked, gently scoop the innards from each spud and insert a small,pitted prune (don't pull that face!).

Wrap the spud in a slice of bacon you've removed the rind from and secure with a toothpick.(yes,yes I know what I'm talking about).

Gently cook in a frying pan, then serve with freshly chopped chives.(sour cream optional).


  1. Its great to have discovered your blog Jayne. I may finally learn some more history of the country I have called home for 25 years!

  2. Thanks Sue, I hope you have a few laughs along the way too :)