Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Giggles and Snorts For NY Day

Have enjoyed exploring a few new ( to me anyway) blogs and one gave me belly laughs till I scared the chooks in the backyard, which was a great distraction from the heat.

Chez Magneto Bold Ten Commandments
had many of us mothers nodding our heads in agreement as we forwarded the link from Magneto Bold Too to share the lovin' and the spurted mouthfuls of tea/coffee on many monitors around the country.lol

There's a new page for readers to have a gander at and add to, with an Beaut Blogs Intro explaining it all.

No book reviews or Lost & Forgotten today, sorry, as the heat was melting my brain and I couldn't multi-task after the chooks had to be rescued from the pear tree ( some mad woman's cackling made them try to fly the coop !).
One of the chooks modeled for the header pic on this page; meet Mz. Cabbage, star of the chook yard and terror of the magpies !mrgreen


  1. Thinking of designing a range of splatterguards for keyboards. Do you think I could make enough to buy that other shoe?

    Thanks for the shout out. I am glad you liked the Ten Commandments. My kids? They wet themselves laughing and then said 'In your dreams..' a la the Castle.


  2. How ruuude of them !
    Perhaps a few days in the dungeon would sort them out ?

    Splatterguards are a missing essential in all computer stores - you'd make enough to out-shoe Imelda Marcos ;)