Sunday, January 20, 2008

Google Bringing Out The Freakshows Meme

The ever-snort-giggle-snort-collapse-in-hysterical-laughter-nurturing Kelley at Magneto Bold Too has tagged every man and his dog with this meme.

The rules are - share what Google searches are bringing the bodies to your blog...or something like that.

Kate Ceberano...yep, nice and normal for mentioning her ONCE ... 10th on page 2.

Famous drovers...coz I mentioned no famous drovers... rating 6th on page 1!

Crow Fence.... don't be fencing in those Adelaide Footballers ? 6th on page 1...

Baked beans...2nd on page 1... I feel sad...

Lunatic asylums....rank 1 page I feel really you think they know something I don't ??? LMAO


  1. More interesting searches than mine. My most popular search term is BlockDelete - a program that adds a virus to MSN chat. How boring and nothing to do with my blog topic at all so no one will come back again.

    Your template is looking good!

  2. Thanks Casdok...I think LOL.

    Quality over quantity, Sue ;)
    Thanks, I followed a few of your suggestions ;)

  3. Rank 1 page 1 for lunatic asylums. Sweet!! Gotta get some freakshow comments from that one.

    Thanks for playing! I just hope SOMEONE gets some of the freaky searches I do....