Monday, January 28, 2008

Meme, Lost & Founds

Servant of Chaos has tagged me for this meme which makes us consider any media consumption in the previous week.

I'm currently devouring 5 op-shop procured books at once (it's a habit and a talent to nurture).
Essays in Economic History of Australia by James Griffin, Carrion Colony by Richard King, Beyond The Big Run by Charlie Schultz and Darrell Lewis, Australian Education 1788-1900 by A.G Austin and In Search of Heroes by Gina Lennox.

Bit of a mix here - Black Sheep, Hercules Returns, Tank Girl, The Celluloid Heroes, Silent Hill, and The Return.
On TV I'm hooked on Dexter, Jam and Jerusalem, Time Team, Top Gear, National Treasures, Who Do You Think You Are? and various Agatha Christie mysteries.

I'm assaulting the auditory processes of those around me with Paul Kelly, Royal Crown Revue, Stan Freeberg, Henry Rollins, Mental As Anything, Rammstein and Mozart.

The lucky door prize winners of being tagged are Colin, Sue, Maureen, Anja, Kim and Bettina.


When The Russians Didn't Invade Victoria.

Francisco Miranda- The Subtle Swindler.


  1. I admire you for being able to post it like that. I love you for it (don't get me wrong :) )
    I wish I could write like that

  2. Thanks John, I appreciate the compliment :)
    You write pretty damn good yourself, you know !