Monday, January 7, 2008

News Bites

The Victorian High Country is on fire again with CFA, DSE and aerial crews working hell for leather in rough terrain. Send a thank you this season to the boys and girls who volunteer their precious time to protect our great outdoors.
Read more of the fires HERE.
More rural health woes, this time in Ballarat with the doctor shortage at crisis point.
Just as well no Canberra politicians get sick in the region...
Read the article HERE.
Some idiots think trashing other peoples' belongings and a national park is a great way to celebrate Christmas and the New Year; thankfully normal people don't. Read more about this ruinous rampage HERE.
Against the VEAC proposal of Red Gum national parks ? Apparently so are a lot of people!
Read more HERE.
6000 megalitres of treated sewerage dumped at sea during a drought?! Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink....
Read about it HERE.
Those at Lake Boga are still swamped with the not-so-desirable stench of Eau de Crook Cooked Carp and the EPA is scratching its head as to how to stop the stink.
Great Aunt Hepzibah just muttered something like "Tell 'em to shove Bi Carb of Soda all over the fetid fried finned ferals flavouring fair Lake Boga "
Smell more HERE.

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