Tuesday, January 8, 2008

News Bites

Charge your glasses in a toast for the Lockhart Council who have rescued the Pleasant Hills community pub.
Drought is a killer for businesses so pop in for a meal.
Read more HERE
Surgery for kids is a bloody scary business but the brainchild of a doctor has seen the kids' theatre at Ballarat Base turned into a colourful wonderland.
Read more about a doctor who gives a damn HERE
Another BIG cat (that doesn't officially exist) was sighted (but not officially) in Harcourt, leaving (unofficial) footprints and an eyewitness (not an official though) to tell the tale.
Read more (unofficially) HERE
Native fingerlings and Murray Cod are once more running amok in Lake Forbes!
Read more HERE.
Ooooooooooo ! The Govt doctored a report ! Who'd have thunk it?!
Read the exclusive HERE.
Gunns is cleared over clearance, is that clear?
Read it HERE


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