Sunday, January 13, 2008

Trivial History January 13

Apologies for the late post , but circumstances beyond my control stopped me from accessing the interwebs....namely a hissy fit some ISP's were having today.
Also it's short and sweet owing to dinner roasting nicely except for the Feral children who keep picking at it,hence Great Aunt Hepzibah, Great Uncle Rupert and Grandma Mehitabel are standing guard with wooden spoons and are unable to contribute to today's entry. wink

1851 Charles FitzRoy got the short straw and became 'Governor-General of all Her Maj's Aussie Possessions'...the title now known as Guv-General.

1863 Break out the Sorbent, Mavis...Thomas Crapper demonstrated ( we wonder how exactly?!) his flushing thunderbox.

1911 Sir Joh Bjelke-Peterson, former long-serving QLD premier, was hatched in NZ.

1913 Which bank? The Commonwealth Bank set up agencies in post offices throughout Australia...the ones they can't shut down in small rural towns.

1939 Today was a Friday known as Black Friday due to the horrific bushfires that burnt across 1,365,000 acres in Victoria claiming 71 lives. Melbourne's temperature reached 45.6 degrees celsius. The recommendations from the Royal Commission into these fires set down guidelines that are still in force today.

1995 Max Harris, poet, critic, bookseller and publisher, founder of The Angry Penguins, passed into the great beyond aged 73.

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