Sunday, January 20, 2008

Trivial History January 20

Delightfully dank drippy day dear determined digesters !
The tanks are filling, the chooks are chortling and I can hear the food forest squealing in raptures at the rain.... ok, ok so the chooks aren't really chortling.... but they'd have a big grin on their faces if they could!

1841 Jorgen Jorgensen, The Convict King and claimant to the throne of Denmark and Iceland, popped his clogs, as all men do, in Hobart. Read more about our Convict King HERE and HERE.

1849 The good,not Lollipop but Fortitude parked in Lower Level 2 space 3a at Morton Bay QLD with its cargo of 245 immigrants.

A farmer and his missus were waiting for the train at Colebrook station in Tassie to deliver a valuable pair of rams when they heard the train had derailed down an embankment. Rushing to the scene they found the train crew were already rescued so they found their uninjured sheep, drove them down the embankment and through a broken fence and let them run free. The train had derailed right beside the farmer's property fence...

1869 Frederick Alexander, inventor of the Alexander Technique which takes too long to explain here in 25 words or less, was hatched in Tassie. Read more about Fred and the Alexander Technique HERE.

1880 Andrew George Scott, better known as bushranger Captain Moonlite, was hanged at Darlinghurst Gaol. Read more about this minister who turned to bushranging HERE, HERE and HERE.

Ghost spot-
The old gaol at Beaconsfield in Tassie was once inhabited by the ghost of a murderer who done 'imself a nasty mischief wiv 'is braces, Guv. Known only as Ghostie Downs, he was arrested for the double murder of his wife and daughter and while being detained in the old gaol he hung himself. After his body was buried waaay out back of the local cemetery his ghost was said to have briefly haunted the cell in which he breathed his last.

1898 Patrick Durack, one of the Kings in Grass Castles, passed into the great beyond at Freo, Western Australia. Read more about Patrick and the Durack pioneering family HERE and HERE. Or you could read Mary Durack's famous,classic book 'Kings In Grass Castles'...

1898 Melbourne played the hostess with the Federated mostess when they held a progressive dinner while discussing the third and final Federal convention. Between soup and desserts they approved the drafted constitution bill. Pass the Ice Magic !

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
If you need illumination during the night, consider buying some garden solar lights. They are cheap, rechargeable, easy to situate and give off enough light for guidance without the need to switch on a mains powered light. Great for babies, young children and the elderly.

1910 After much gallivanting across the country, which involved lengthy feasting, drinking, knees ups and a spot of *gasp* skinny dipping by our revered Fathers of Federation, Canberra was finally named as the new capital for Australia.

1952 Better go before you go, ladies, this caboose aint stopping for no one ! The first express trains ran between Melbourne and Adelaide when they finally dusted and polished the track connection.

Great Uncle Rupert's Ripper Refreshments-
Lime Shandy.
In a tall glass with crushed ice pour some proper lime juice cordial (not the sickly green kiddies stuff), fill halfway with beer of choice and top with soda or tonic water. Swizzle lightly and garnish with a slice of lime on the side of the glass.
*Great Uncle Rupert advocates the responsible service of alcohol and drinking in moderation.

1958 Oooooh hel-loooooo sailor ! The Royal Australian Naval College, HMAS Creswell, was commissioned at Jervis Bay. In the Navy, we will sail the seven seas, in the Navy...

1987 Alan Bond announced the $1 billion take-over of Kerry Packer's electronic empire, giving Bond the biggest media ownership in Australia. Ahh well, we know how this will end up...tears before bedtime Bondie, tissues are thatawayarrow

1998 The (gag) Metcard automated public transport (cough) ticketing system was (choke) introduced to several Melbourne train stations....signaling an end to tram conductors and most train station staff (sob).
The infallible (hysterical laughter) system has (fed up with sardine seating) fare evaders costing $50 million this financial year alone....(giggle, snort, cackle). Tram conductors and station staff would be faaaaaaaar cheaper, ensure less vandalism, provide more safety and encourage more commuters, but hey, that's commonsense, isn't it?

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Tuna Steaks with Basil Pesto.
Buy tuna steaks.
Pop over to Semantically Driven for Jen's simple but delicious Basil Pesto recipe.
Baste tuna steaks on one side with basil pesto. Throw into a HOT oiled pan, basil side down and quickly (QUICKLY I said) baste the upper side with the pesto. After 1-2 mins, flip the steaks over; they will be done in a further 2 mins.
Serve with a crisp tossed salad or hot vegies of your own choice.

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