Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trivial History January 24

Gooooooooood morning you brilliant baubles of sunlight in a dishwashing liquid bubblemrgreen
Having just stubbed my toe and ripped the whole nail and most of the skin from about 1/3 of the whole toe, I'm a little furry headed at the moment.
It's a gorey start to the day...oh look - blood...lots of blood.
Think I may need a stitch in that pulp somewhere....and it's making a mess of my polished floorboards dammit!

1788 Playing tiggy is not the best thing for explorers hell bent on taking over the world as Jean La Perouse found when he popped into Botany Bay only to find Governor Phillip had pipped him at the post by 6 days.

1788 Just to liven the party up the First Fleet rocked up with it's slabs of beer, sailors ready to rock and a few convicts hoping to get onto dry land and roll.

Omeo might have one of the shortest town names in Australia but its first paper made up for it -
'The North Gippsland Mountaineer, and Swifts Creek and Wombat Reporter'.

1817 Tinny bugger John Oxley got the lucky door prize of the first land grants in the Illawarra District. If he'd hung around he'd have seen Wollongong park itself on his bush block.

1817 Silvester Diggles, who was quite the clever clogs, was hatched. Silvester was an artist, musician, ornithologist, entomologist, helped found many of the societies in Brisbane. Read more about "the father of music in Brisbane" HERE.

Ghost spot-
In Shellharbour at Wollongong, runs the Bloody Mile, roughly between Minnamurra River and the railway station. Along this stretch of road is where 13 or more murders took place in the early pioneer days and no right minded traveller would pass that way at night for all the flitting,moaning and noises along that road.

1856 Finally, something for those with small man syndrome to occupy themselves...the South Australian Jockey Club was formed.

1870 Wonderful children's author Ethel Turner was sprung upon the world today. She wrote the classic Seven Little Australians and many, many more fantastic Aussie themed stories at a time when most of children's literature was based on England . Read more HERE.

Jayne's Handy Hints-
When you've done yourself a nasty mischief and find blood has soaked into your teatowels/carpets/tablecloths or any piece of clothing, cover the stain completely with salt then add enough COLD water to cover. Let soak for at least 1 day, then rinse in more cold water and see a doctor for stitches.

1903 Kalgoorlie finally got a drop to wash their smalls (and bloodstains) when the 352 mile water pipeline opened.

1948 Helen Morse, Aussie actress, was pupped. She is best remembered for her title role in A Town Like Alice. More HERE.

Jayne's Ripper Refreshments For Painful Moments-
Black Cup of Tea.
And chocolate. Lots of chocolate.


  1. Not the floor boards Jayne! Don't drip on the floor boards. Hope it is not hurting too much.

  2. The Spouse frantically scrubbed the floorboards while I plonked myself in bed for a snooze LOL.
    Chocolate,tea and lunch in bed helped dull the pain Andrew lol ;)

  3. Ghee, you do the job, if you do the job!
    If you have lots of pain, try this:
    Take hammer, hit fingernail; you will not feel any pain in your toe!
    Or well yes, tea and choccies will help.