Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Trivial History January 29

Another day, another bunch of radicals, rat bags, and reprobates shaping Australia in one way or another.... and that's just the politicianswink

1841 Joseph Symes, president of the Australasian Secular Association who agitated the wowsers with lectures on free speech and an uncensored press, was pupped. Read more about this combative chappie HERE.

When your Metamucil doesn't work, make the worlds largest fruit salad. More HERE.

A drifter in Tassie was asked to look after a flock of sheep for 3 months in the 1880's but was 90 head short when he brought them in for shearing. When he was asked to explain their absence he stated he'd eaten one per day as part of his rations. He was from then known as Ninety The Glutton.

1850 Lawrence Hargrave, aeronautical pioneer, engineer, explorer and astronomer, was hatched. Read more about our Aussie genius HERE.

Whoops! The Eagles have hit the headlines for the wrong reasons yet again. More HERE.

Ghost spot-
A well-known hotel in Townsville is home to the spirit of a Chinese cook murdered there in 1891. He follows staff and patrons around the building like a fine wispy shade and does no harm.

1854 Bless their little cotton socks...The first Aussie grown cotton was exported to England.

1865 Sir William Angliss, a politican, benefactor and butcher who had a hospital named after him ( but not for his butchery we hope!), was found by a bunyip. Read more HERE.

When the Govt blows hot air school's not cool. More HERE.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Keep a bottle of tonic water in the fridge during warmer weather for people who suffer from leg cramps. The quinine can sometimes help relieve the muscle pain.

1895 Dracula took up residence when the Vic Govt introduced income tax.

1899 The Premiers of the 6 Aussie colonies got together to play the Britney Spears drinking game to change the Constitution Bill so everyone was a happy camper.

Idiots + cars + drag racing = demolition derby in the front garden. More HERE.

Great Uncle Rupert's Ripper Refreshments-
Bailey's Butterball.
Dip the rims of cocktail glasses into caramel topping then finely grated dark chocolate and throw in the fridge, rim-side down on baking paper to set.
In a jug blend 65 ml Bailey's Irish Cream and 65ml Light cream.
Into each glass slurp 20ml Butterscotch Schnapps and top with cream mixture and serve with some shaved ice on top.
*Great Uncle Rupert advocates the responsible service of alcohol and drinking in moderation.

1939 Germaine Greer was found amongst the cabbages.

Burning the Aussie flag on Australia Day to protest white settlement is kind of undermined when wearing white man's clothing, eating white man's food, accepting and using white man's money and using a lighter, not rubbing two sticks together, to burn the flag. More HERE.

1941 Maggie Kirkpatrick, Aussie actress best remembered as the infamous Freak from tv series Prisoner, was dropped off by the stork. Read more of Maggie's life HERE.

An Aussie dinosaur museum is attracting attention from all over the world (the one in QLD, not Parliament House in Canberra). More HERE.

1957 Voodoo would probably be a safer hobby....Jorn Utzon was named as the (ahem) winner to design the Sydney Opera House and to put up with petty government squabbling until his hair fell out.

Bright lights, flashing flesh and enough radiant smiles to blind a bat at 60 paces could be Darwin's fate if the NT Govt wins their bid to host the world premier of the Aussie flick "Australia". More HERE.

1983 Go on, start humming it, you know you want to....Men At Work hit the No 1 spot on both the singles and album charts in both UK and USA at the same time with "Down Under" and "Business As Usual". Listen carefully to the flute solo by Greg Ham and you'll realise it's actually "Kookaburra sits in an old gum tree"...something you couldn't start your day without knowinglol

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Shasliks with Easy Marinade.
Soak bamboo skewers in cold water for 30 mins to prevent them splitting.
In a bowl thoroughly mix sweet soy sauce, HP sauce, worcestershire and tomato sauces, seasoning to taste, 1/2 cup pineapple juice and whole seeded mustard.
Alternate skewering cubes of steak, red and yellow cherry tomatoes, pieces of pineapple and pieces of red,yellow and green capsicums on each skewer.
Place in flat air tight container with marinade poured over all and leave in fridge for 2 hours,flipping container over to ensure marinade is evenly spread.
BBQ on hot grill and enjoy.


  1. That's really cool about the flute solo. I never realised that until now!

  2. Neither did I,Tiff, till it was pointed out to me lol :)
    See? We couldn't start our day without knowing that LOL

  3. Cool info - geeeeeez you're doing a great job :)

    Love the flute info - will be checking that one out!

  4. I never knew the flute solo either and I am going to try out that cocktail - I have that stuff except the cream but haven't touched it in over 2 yrs

  5. Thanks A :)
    Just so long as you don't tell stories that begin with "This one time at band camp..." LOL ;)

    Careful,it's very more-ish Baby~Amore lol enjoy !