Friday, January 4, 2008

Trivial History January 4

Gorgeous glorious day and I'm heading off to the Mornington Peninsula !
But, before you curse me, I shall be working not playing, but pity me not at all as I potter in great companylol

Ten lords a'leaping have knocked over the 8 maids a'milking milk buckets and you just don't want to know what the nine ladies dancing are proposing to do to the 3 french hens out there !

1688 William Dampier bumped the northen coastline of some place called New Holland.

1788 Johann Menge, geologist who freely shared his findings for zilch and eccentric who was ahead of his time, was hatched. Read more about this quirky bloke HERE.


Mr John Coubrough had reached the grand age of 101 and attributed his longevity to the fact he'd been a heavy smoker since the age of 10, drunk hundreds of gallons of beer - but he'd only travelled in those infernal motor vehicles 3 times in his life. Ahem !

1798 The first land sale in Australia took place in the area now known as Bankstown. And I bet they were getting blood from a stone...just like today.

1818 James Ryan, who only achieved his full potential after doing a runner from police after an altercation at a neighbours' house warming party (is there any other?) was born. Read more of this multi-talented man HERE.

Ghost spot-

The shy, headless spectre of Biddy is a frequent visitor to Wilsons Promontory. There are differing accounts of who Biddy was and how she came to be headless but she's been seen by many people for over 100 years at various locations around the Prom and, of course, on Biddy's Trail.

1832 Edward William Cole, aka the famous Professor Cole of Cole's Book Arcade, was dropped off by that over-worked stork. Professor Cole created a magical place for people of all ages to explore and discover unending delights in books and reading. Read more about this astute and generous man, who advertised for a wife in Melbourne's Herald, HERE.

1846 John Neild, a dashing looking chap (check out his portrait !) who did a lot of everything, from politics to writing music, was pupped. Read more and check that picture of him HERE

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints -

If you receive a letter/email which greatly angers you and demands an answer, write the reply immediately whilst you're angry but do NOT send it straight away. Allow yourself at least 24 hours to reflect upon the cicumstances and re-read both the letter received and the one you wrote. A few short hours of reconsideration may save you a lifetime of regrets.

1854 The Victorian Legislative Council confirmed the desirability of using the in-fill site between the town and East Melbourne as a Parliamentary precinct for legislative purposes (note that the area was not formally reserved until 1984). Of course they'd like to use it...but did anybody bother asking us if we minded?

1854 The McDonald Islands discovered Captain William McDonald poking around near them.

1913 The Church of Christ in Bassendean, W.A , was built by 120 volunteers on this day, then dragged to it's current position in Ivanhoe St.Wonder if we can ask them to tender for the next Govt building contract?

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-

With the release of 250,000 Murray Cod, you may find this recipe in great demand!

Broiled Murray Cod Steaks.

Clean and dry your catch, then cut slices from the middle portion.

In olive oil,broil the steaks on a pan until thoroughly cooked through.

Mix 2 egg yolks with a little oil, then add a little vinegar, some chopped capers and salt and pepper to taste.

Stir everything well, then serve the Murray Cod Steaks with this sauce poured over the top.

You may garnish with lemon and parsley.