Sunday, January 6, 2008

Trivial History January 6

Having slept little in the heat and finding one of the cats asleep in the hand basin, you're getting the bare bones of trivial history today. Perhaps this day next year I'll have more items...and a cat who shampoos behind his ears...

The neighbours have reported your 12 drummers drumming for excessive noise, the eleven lords have pole-vaulted over the ten pipers piping for the nine ladies dancing with the milk maids and their cows, while the geese, swans, french hens, turtle doves and partridge squabble over the five gold rings of wheat and corn seeds.
And your pear tree has 353 days to recover till your true love starts this malarky all over again.
Have you considered a dating service ?!

1854 Sherlock Holmes blows 155 candles out on his birthday cake today - elementary my dear!
Find a local Aussie Sherlock Holmes fan club HERE

1872 The Prince of Wales Theatre in Sydney caught fire for the 2nd time in 12 years. I have a theory there's a link between summer heat, candles and fire...but I could be wrong.

Crossing the desert to Port Augusta in 1884, Phillip Hiern was caught in a rainstorm that lasted a week.When he ventured forth he found not one single drop had falled beyond a 10 mile limit in any direction.

1890 The Royal Commission to enquire into the sanitary conditions of Melbourne presented its final report to Parliament...and it was as prettily perfumed as the leaking septic tanks along the Yarra....

1930 About as surprising as chewing on a lump of willow wood.... Don Bradman scored a record 452 not out in one cricket innings.

Ghost spot-

A beautiful 3 storey building in Lancefield has several spirits calling it home. Furniture has been moved, lights turn on and off, doors open and close and cold spots have noticed in the old kitchen where animals refuse to enter.

1930 No candles for him....Sherlock Holmes died on his 76th birthday.

1932 As he had nothing better to do that day,Joseph Lyons took up office as Australia's 14th PM.

1939 Swimming champion Murray Rose was born in Nairn, Scotland. Read more about the Seaweed Streak HERE and HERE.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Make a recipe book as a present for friends and family by buying a pretty blank notebook and filling it with recipes they have enjoyed when dining with you.

1953 Malcolm Young, Aussie musician and founding member of AC/DC, was hatched.Read more HERE.

1969 An experimental set of double-decker passenger carriages was put into service on the Sydney metropolitan service. It wasn't until 1972 that they were to become commonplace.Hmm, Memo to Brumby and Connex... more seating = more passenger capacity...

Great Uncle Rupert's Ripper Refreshments-

Queensland Iced Tea.

Crush about 5 mint leaves with some lemon slices in a tall glass, add triple sec mixed with Bundaberg Distiller's #3 and top up with ginger beer before serving.

2004 As disappointing as chewing on a wicket keepers glove...Australian Cricket Captain Steve Waugh retired from Test cricket, playing his last match against India at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Half Pay Pudding.
Thoroughly mix together 100 grams each of plain flour, currants, suet, raisins and breadcrumbs with 2 tbls of treacle and 225 mls of milk. Boil in a greased mould/basin for four hours. Serve with a sauce of choice.


  1. ROFL, thats a great funny post. I am currently sweating the day out in Sydney. It is not so much hot as humid to all hell. Horrid weather for humans, good growing weather though. Always have to find a positive.

  2. Thanks Shadow Knight.
    EEK! Humidity! Just keep chanting "it's good for the garden, it's good for the garden"...and count pumpkins at night lol ;)