Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Trivial History January 8

Good glorious morning to all!
The sky is cloudy, the breeze is fresh, the chooks have chased the galahs out of the yard - all's right with the worldmrgreen

Today is the Lesser Festival of the Ancient Greek God Dionysus, God of revelry and wine.Guess what Great Uncle Rupert is up to today!

Grandma Mehitabel's recipe carries a cholesterol warning of 10 stars today...

1789 The first European child was born on Norfolk Island and was named...(drum roll please).... Norfolk.

1810 The Derwent Star and Van Diemen's Land Intelligencer, Australia's second newspaper and the first in Van Diemen’s Land, began publication.I'm assuming it was a broadsheet just to accomodate the title...

1821 Twas reported in a newspaper that a 96 year old postmaster in England ,Mr Huddy, who'd lost a bet, travelled from Lismore to Fermoy in an Dungarvon oyster-tub that was drawn by a pig, a badger, two cats, a goose and a hedgehog, with a large red nightcap on his head, a pig-driver's whip in one hand, and a garden variety cow's horn in the other, which he blew to encourage his team. I got nothing...


A young colonial widow at Sale was convinced she was dying from a serious stomach illness.Family finally convinced her to attend the hospital- where her stomach complaint was dealt with when she gave birth.

1856 Bust open the baked beans and put out that naked flame, Ma....The City of Melbourne was first lit with gas.

1868 The Earl of Belmore became the Governor of NSW. Of course he was second choice after Pearl the Pole Dancer of Digger's Ditch...

1878 Today was known as "Black Wednesday", when Victorian Premier Graham Berry wouldn't just take his bat and ball and go home but instead dismissed more than 200 public servants, starting with police and judges, in response to the upper house blocking his Appropriations Bill. Berry argued that without an Appropriations Bill they could not be paid. A fine time was had by all who weren't observing any laws...

Ghost spot-
The State Library of NSW, known as The David Mitchell Library is visited by the very man who bequeathed his huge collection of books on Australiana. An elderly chap wearing elastic-sided boots and topped with a bowler hat is often seen wandering about when the library is closed.Footsteps in the basement, lights going on and off and items shifted about by unseen hands are just some of the occurances at the Library.
Shortly before he shuffled off this mortal coil, Mitchell told a friend "If I find there's no second hand book shops in the next world, I'll return to this one". If his return proves there's none there, then damn it ! I'm not going either!

1885 John Curtin, 14th Prime Minister and who saw Australia through some of the darkest days of WW2, was born in Creswick in central Victoria.Read about this fascinating man's life HERE.
And The John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library HERE.

1902 The Victorian Royal Commission on handling grain and other produce in bulk or otherwise was established.They were told they had to wash their hands after playing cricket and before handling food stuffs?

1908 The first Rugby League club in Australia, Newtown, was formed in Sydney.Is squirrel gripping still allowed ?

1909 Premier of Victoria, Sir Thomas Bent, retired from office, having served 1789 days.While he was Bent by name and Bent by nature, he was often Bent but never broken.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Before hoovering, sprinkle some drops of your favourite scented oil in the bag; it will gently perfume the house.In Summer wipe over pedastal and desk fans daily with a few drops of the same oil;it will waft about when the fan is in use.

1920 Ray Parer and J.C. McIntosh in a DH9 biplane set off to make the first single-engined aircraft flight from England to Australia. These boys and their toys...

1930 Perth, WA received a federal government grant for road-building relief work for 482 unemployed men.Because, of course, governments always hand out money from the goodness of their hearts...don't they?

1931 Jack Larcombe uncovered the biggest gold nugget ever found, near Kalgoorlie, WA. Called the Golden Eagle, and weighing in at 15.6kg, Jack was probably ever after pestered by ...gold diggers (groan).

1958 Last Australian servicemen return from Korea.At the end of hostilities in Korea the peninsula remained divided between North and South. The war has yet to officially end.

Great Uncle Rupert's Ripper Refreshments-
Black Opal.
Pour 15ml of Black Sambuca and 15ml of Cointreau into a glass and set flame to it.Pour 15ml of Bailey's Irish Cream and 15ml of cream into the glass and serve.

1960 Johnny O'Keefe's 'She's My Baby' reached number one on the Top 40 just three weeks after he had recorded it at Goldstar Studios in Los Angeles. Ahhh yes, the Wild One....

1998 the Tasmanian Blob washed up on Four Mile Beach in Tassie.
Pictures and story HERE

Scientists destroy sea monster myth HERE

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Parkin aka Cocky's Joy.
Mix thoroughly 900 gms of oatmeal with 900gms of flour and 15 gms each of ginger, cinnamon and mixed spice.
In a saucepan melt 450 gms of treacle, 900 gms of golden syrup, 60 gms of sugar and 115 gms of butter.Stir together then add to the dry ingredients.
Mix 2 teaspoons of baking powder with 1 tablespoon of milk and add to the mix.
Knead well then bake in a moderate oven till golden brown.

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