Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Backyard Babble

As the vegie gardens are full of just sprouting/ almost finished vegies and the Tribe are very handy at eating the horse and chasing the jockey on the tooth when it comes to all things edible I thought I'd take a leaf out of Shadow Knight's blog SCHWOIT and plant up some pots.

Now allll the way down the backyard are our delightful,worm infested compost bins that are so fertile they can grow dead bodies in them that are good worm shyte.
Right against the back fence.
Barely 2 metres from the back neighbours' back door.
We have strange neighbours.
If you want to learn more about strange neighbours that live opposite or beside, then you better head over to Kelley's blog at Magneto Bold Too.

Ours have their ladder permanently leaning against the back of their house, to "clean the spouting", which has so far taken them nearly 5 years to complete.
They must have hearing on a bloodhounds' level; everytime we pop into the backyard they whip out theirs and up their ladder to check that we're not harbouring some illegal aliens in amongst the corn clean their spouting.

Today while I was digging into the compost to fill up my pots to grow some more food to stuff the Tribe with, my trowel popped an old egg.
Not only did it stink like the worst public dunny you could imagine, it went off like a gun shot.
And made the neighbour fall off his

While the air was turning a pretty shade of aqua, I pissed myself laughing stuck my head over the grape vine and asked if he was alright.
The air was blue, his face was puce and I'm sure his trousers had a strange brown stain on them...but it was hard to tell for sure with the speed he hobbled into his

And a grand time was had by all in our backyard without any spectators for the first time in 5 years.mrgreen


  1. Bwaaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaaaa!!!!

    Apparently the Japanese have a delicacy called 100 year eggs. They bury them in clay pots in the ground. Make your breath smell like arse I expect.

    Right now I am contemplating writing another letter to the arsehole that lives next door.... 4 days straight of riding a freaking motorbike up and down his backyard. And loud powertool noises.... Arrghh! His yard backs onto where my lounge room is.

    AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! May his hemorrhoids grow whiskers.

  2. You could always plaster his driveway with egg...on a stinking hot summer's day/night,baked egg on concrete with a side serving of gravel is simply delish! LOL

  3. In the Philippines, they have Balut, which are prehatched eggs, a delicacy for some. Gross and disgusting for most.

  4. I reckon we could come up with a variety of egg recipes just for stickbeak/annoying neighbours to dine on/pass out from lol ;)

  5. This is a very funny story Jayne. Oh, yes. I love a bit of poetic justice. I would like to purchase some of those neighbour repellent eggs ASAP. You could have a world wide hit with them I think! :)

  6. I think they'd be classed as biological weapons LiD lol ;)

  7. ROFL love it! Amazing what a rotten egg can do.ppyphsi