Monday, February 11, 2008

Brain Fart For Tomorrow

I shall be dragging the Feral Beastie out on an excursion tomorrow to the City Museum to see the exhibition Playtime.
Afterwards I shall demand he write a 3000 word essay drag the poor child to the Treasury Gardens to skip between the raindrops.

Something, or rather someone, who I should feature on Lost & Found is Mary Hardy, the best TV host ever to grace the screen and whose memory and mountainous legacy has been largely ignored by asshats who left their footprints in her back on their climb to the top should know better.
Andrew from Highriser has kindly reminded myself and other readers of a 30 mins doco on this wildly talented woman, ABC1 tomorrow night at 10pm.
How they could have even fitted a tiny 1/10 of her life story into 30 mins boggles my mind but The Tribe are fans and will be watching.


  1. Still not got to the City Museum. Maybe Wednesday if I don't have too much to do. I reckon Mary is nearly worthy of inclusion in the Gay Archives.

  2. Get the all-inclusive entry ticket to see everything and you'll love the former basement living quarters there Andrew ;)
    She should be if she's not already!