Thursday, February 14, 2008

Childhood stolen

My cousin rang to tell me his mad as a cut snake ex-girlfriend and mother of his only child was screaming last night about suing him for "stealing" their child from her.

A little background is in order -
About 7 years ago the then-8 year old child was taken to a major hospital by the 24/7 bong-sucking moron mother (who could barely walk or talk straight) who demanded medical staff "check out my kid I reckon XXXX's been raped while I was doin' a porn movie in my lounge room."
Yep, we're dealing with a live one here, readers.
Staff naturally contacted a certain govt dept who placed XXXX with the father for a week.

Then they returned XXXX to the junkie ho mother.
Even though medical tests proved XXXX had been raped.

XXXX being an intelligent kid then ran away and turned up at the fathers house, telling the workers from the govt dept he'd keep running away if they kept sending him back to his asshat mother.

XXXX has remained with the father ever since with the courts granting the father permanent custody, the fucktard mother is on and off psych meds for schizophrenia she denies she has, on and off "recreational" drugs she denies she's on and has pupped another baby who was born with drug-addictions and related developmental problems.

Half-wit brain dead mummsy is bothering the govt dept every week and the emergency after hours numbers with raving dribble about how XXXX is in danger while living with the father.
The govt dept keep checking out her claims and, surprise surprise, find nothing wrong at all but only after doing intense checks at the school, all through the house, questioning family and neighbours and XXXX himself.

XXXX has Aspergers which dickhead mum denies. Dickhead mum keeps telling the govt dept workers XXXX's behaviour is due to the drugs the father is feeding him.
The workers keep ringing the social worker, psychiatrist and psychologist who keep saying the same thing over and over and over ad infinitum "XXXX has Aspergers, is very settled, getting high marks at school, is not medicated and the mother is a very poor influence on him. These constant checks upset and unsettle him considerably."
Junkie ho mum rings the father's house day and night, raving and dribbling shyte about how she's been hard done by and how XXXX belongs to her (not WITH her, TO her like a piece of property).
Changes of clothes and toys XXXX takes with him on weekend visits to junkie ho mum of the year end up on her market stall sold for money that is used for things other than food and rent.
7 years of constant intrusion on XXXX's childhood based on revenge from a half-wit.

Now Rudd's apology has sent the moron's few remaining brain cells into overdrive.
She is not aboriginal or of aboriginal descent.
But she's squealing like a stuck pig about being the victim of discrimination.
Let's just hope there's no lawyer out there who'll take her seriously!!!!!


  1. .Hell, yes, lets hope. Otherwise she is in for millions...
    What a story, sorry for the lil child

  2. Aww, I feel for you, I really do. That's shocking.

  3. Sounds like he should apply to ban her access. Can she be declared the equivalent of a vexatious litigant?

  4. XXXX is a really great kid who is very patient with a person who doesn't deserve him.
    Unless she does something to XXXX with at least a gazillion witnesses my cousin can't stop her having access.

  5. What a horror she must be jayne. A very sad situation. Perhaps the child and father could receive compensation for having to be constantly harrassed by her!

  6. Oh lordy... that situation would drive me absolutely BATTY. Poor kid :-( And poor baby, too! Grrr.