Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Flinging the Bloggy Bling

Seems it's my turn to fling the bling to the very hard-blogging recipients who have brightened thousands of people's days with their thoughts, ideas, mayhem and day-to-day life.

The Cornucopia Blog Award is for those who've played in the dirt and shared the flowery, frustrating fun with the rest of us.


Julie's blog Towards Sustainability.

Shadow Knight's blog SCHWOIT

Convulsive Compulsive Convolvulus Conviviality Blog Award says it all....doesn't it?
Those bloggers who make us snort coffee all over our monitors and almost pee our pants with laughter...they're the ones who've been branded Convulsive Compulsive Convolvulus Conviviality bloggers.




The Lone Nut in a Bowl of Chocolates is for those blogs that become addictive reading from the moment you open the page.

One Little Detail

The Nook Of Oz

Nomesque Fiction

For Tiff

mrgreenThanks guys, your blogs are always great!mrgreen


  1. Woohooo!!! I love bling! :-)

    Thanks heaps... and I'm glad you're enjoying the stories!

  2. Is it just me, or does the lone nut in a bowl of chocolate look a little dirty at first glance? *blushes*

    Thanks so much for the bling. You're beautiful.

  3. well aren't you just a sweetie? thank you! I'll display it proudly as soon as i find time honey...bit strapped at the moment..never been called addictive before!
    does that mean i'm a really good drug???

  4. You're welcome Naomi, Anj and Mo.

    They're great Naomi :)

    That's just too much time spent in Brissy recently Anja LOL.

    Yes, you're on the approved PBS list Mo :P

  5. Ooooooh more bling for me!! Soon I will be drippin' in the bling.

    Thanks babe, and I am with Anja on the nut one ;)

  6. You're welcome Kel :)
    Now I'll be dreaming of dirty nuts in a bowl :P

  7. Look what happens when I take my eye off the ball...along comes Jayne to brighten my day with the lone nut award. Thanks very much for the bloggy bling Jayne. My blog will wear it with pride.