Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Introducing Beatrice!

Here is Beatrice, my trusty side-kick when tackling meat, vegies and all manner of food stuffs ( and some non-food stuffs) in the Kitchen War on Feeding The Tribe.

Isn't she a beauty? I have several of Beatrice's sisters in my cupboards and they've always been handy.

Pop down to an Op shop and hunt a meat grinder out or trawl through your grandmother's cupboards. Doesn't matter if there's a spot of rust on it, it's cast iron and a quick rub over with steel wool, a coating of oil and a 30 min bake in a hot oven will soon solve that problem!

These little beauties allow you to mince the cut of meat of your
choice, they can bust their way through small chopped vegies and
they can make mince-meat out of small bones for the garden.

Yep, the ballsy cast iron lets you grind up the left-over carcass from last night's roast chook dinner and, thrown into the compost, it adds the bone component of the blood and bone most gardeners swear by - waste not, want not! Larger bones can be burned on the BBQ and added to the compost.

Meat grinders are one of the basics of frugality and slow food.
You can save quite a bundle of money by just mincing your own meat or vegies, leaving you with the certain knowledge of what exactly has gone into pies, pasties, sausages, sausage rolls, hamburgers, casseroles, etc.

Some come with funnel attachments to make your own sausages, others, like my baby grinder below, come with different size attachments that allow you to make your own pasta with it.

You can always buy brand new ones, electric ones, manual ones, whatever floats your boat, if buying second hand makes you squirm.

With rising costs everywhere and the increasing problem of childhood obesity, it makes sense to have a meat grinder and give it a whirl at least once a week to prepare your weeks' worth of food, knowing what you're putting in front of your own tribe is healthy and free of any food nasties, saving your hip pocket and giving your upper arms a gentle work-out.

And the kids might surprise you by doing all the work for you from the sheer novelty of it!


  1. "...it adds the bone component of the blood and bone most gardeners swear by."

    Yep...they stand next to the result and say, "Look at the bloody state of that mess all over me buggerin' garden!"

  2. I am just a bit worried about clamping one to our polished granite bench top. I remember my grandmother using one. They were great fun.

  3. LOL Hughesy.

    They are fun Andrew; I always shove a tea-towel under and between the clamps.

  4. looks very interesting ! I might look out for one .

  5. Oh these bring back the best memories of making pasties with my Nan... I wonder what happened to her mincer...

  6. Trish -brand new they're pretty cheap and always handy ;)

    Kate - hunt it down and claim it to keep your kitchen cupboard company! ;)

  7. We used to enjoy doing the grinding, but they were a pain in the but to clean up. I also used to like those cheese graters that you would grind cheese in.