Friday, February 15, 2008

Music Appreciation

The Feral Beastie just gets it.
The crackles, hiss and pops of an old vinyl record are bliss to his ears.
Dusty shelves hiding discarded discs are his little patch of heaven; he can smell out the faded record sleeves a mile off, the vinyl scent guiding him through a maze of musty op shop hanging racks and cupboards until he hits the mother lode.

This is his latest record player to add to the collection of 8 and growing.
These great little mobile players are tough customers; they're usually in good condition and still work without a hiccup.
They play all size records from 16's right through to those ancient 78's.

The top of the case comes off it's hinges completely for extra room for LP's and the needle flips over to play different speeds.

We find some rare gems for Feral Beastie, we even borrowed some to play on our radio show with requests for more. Yes, we did play some backwards but the only "secret" message we heard was a cat screeching...or that could have Yoko Ono singing, I forget.

The sage advice from Spike Jones and His City Slickers in "Never Hit Your Grandma With A Shovel" is a favourite with The Tribe...and one I shall be drumming into future grandchildren's heads !
Rolf Harris, Chad Morgan, Stan Freberg, Ray Stevens, Norman Gunston - the list of nonsense, fun songs is endless. If Feral Beastie gave it the thumbs up, we played it on air and his score rate was impeccable - listeners loved them.

We've "inherited" vinyl from many of my Dad's friends as they've downsized or moved into nursing homes. Feral Beastie gives Vera Lynn and Gladys Moncrieff a good working out some days, while John Laws and Don Lane were unceremoniously shoved to the back of the cupboard after half a song each...I'm sure I heard FB mutter something about frisbees.
Ernie Sigley and Denise Drysdale's duet "Hey Paula" wafts through The Cave every other month, but the LP " January 26th The Musical" is as regular as prune juice for breakfast.
He's been teasing (or tormenting) us with possibilities of Max Bygraves in the very near future but we're hoping to distract him with some Daddy Cool and Skyhooks.

I did buy a player to convert the records to CD but Feral Beastie keeps piling books on top of it and telling me the vinyl is better.
He's got CD's a'plenty but the record cupboards thrill him; choosing one and slipping the black disc from out of its plastic inner sleeve and setting the player arm just right is part of a rite for him.
Even the end of the record when the needle swings across the empty vinyl and back to its off position is part of his love for the whole musical process; the record has ended and the machine did its part correctly.

He's been asking about gramophones as we've come across a lot of the old cylinders recently in op shops. I can see Nellie Melba and Peter Dawson will be warbling across the neighbourhood sometime soon!

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  1. Woo hoo, you are more than welcome.

    BTW, Jane is my middle name too !!!

  2. LOL Jane goes with almost anything...except horseradish on toast ;)

  3. Does he have a multiple record player that can play three in succession? Click, clunk. Better still was a model that used to push the records across a bit and then they would drop. Whir, click, clunk.

  4. Yep, he's claimed Dad's old radiogram and he watches them click,clunk like a hawk lol ;)

  5. Hey Tiff, knew you had good taste lol.They seem to have a bit of personality that stream-lined CD players are lacking.