Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Naming of Melbourne Streets

Have just heard back from the ever hardworking volunteers at the Royal Historical Society of Victoria.

Lygon Street in Carlton was named after a British Cabinet Minister in the 1830's, not the colourful William Lygon, 7th Earl Beauchamp.

Royal Historical Society of Victoria has a leaflet available detailing the naming of Melbourne Streets, which I shall be popping in to purchase.

People in other states who are interested in the origins of the names of their capital city streets should check with their state historical societies to ask if they have something similar.


  1. Thanks for the research Jayne.

  2. I suspect Carlton itself was named after somebody whose surname was Carlton, a name derived from the village of their ancestral origin, that being being Carleton near my own gaff. Carleton, itself, is derived from the Saxon words 'ton' (meaning a village or small town) and 'Ceorl', a Saxon landowner with slightly less status than a thane.

    And following that bit of trivia, I need a brew to get my brain going again.

  3. Ooooo you're a handy font of wisdom to have around Mr Hughes !
    Let me email you a VB for your efforts ;)