Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Saddest Sunday Sight....

....was found at my local Sunday Market in the form of the middle-aged chappie sitting behind his stall that was laden with every kind of fishing paraphernalia known to mankind...and even some that weren't!

I lost count of the fishing books after mentally numbering 25, the boxes of fishing reels reached above the rear window of his station wagon, the fishing rods (some snapped in frustration I suspect) were lined up leaning all around his car and the many mixed boxes of sinkers,hooks and bright-coloured wriggly thingamebobs were giving me a brain fart.

While the chap looked dejected, his wife was beaming at all who approached the stall; offering discounts on the discounts and giving away freebies with every purchase.

With the speed his fishing gear was disappearing, I suspect the missus has plans for his retirement other than dropping a line far from hearth and home !lol


  1. And with the money raised, she is buying him a fishing boat.

  2. My thoughts too Naomi! lol

    LMAO she probably will, Andrew, after she has him under her feet for a few weeks !