Sunday, February 17, 2008

Solar Cooking

Since I bake bread almost every day to fill the forever-empty stomachs of the forever-starving Tribe, heating the kitchen up on hot days hasn't really grown on me as a fashion must-have.

After looking at endless solar ovens and designs on how to make them I have to confess my inner artist didn't burst forth to tackle cardboard boxes, foil and glass. Nor did my hip pocket agree to buying a commercially made one.

So I dragged out my Winter Wonder aka my Mega-Huge-Cook-A-Whole-Cow-In-It camp oven and collapsed carrying the behemoth outside plopped it in the sun.

With a glass lid plonked on top, it started warming up quite considerably in the direct sunlight - The Spouse has the burnt fingers to prove this.
After making Grandma Mehitabel's Dead Easy Home Baked White Bread,I threw gently placed the loaf tin into the eye-brow singeing stinking hot rather warm camp oven.
So far, so good. The bread is smelling yummy although the neighbours might object to my solar cooking in the future, as The Tribe keep lifting the lid to poke at it with me screeching at them to leave the bloody thing alone stop

Addition -

And here is the finished product!!!!!!mrgreen


  1. Hi Jayne. S'cuse ignorance, but how does a camp oven normally heat?

  2. They're those big, black cast iron monsters you can cook on the stove top or in the oven or, their original purpose, on the camp fire.
    You can use them to cook scones,bread,damper,stew,casserole,
    lamb shanks,roasts,pot roasts,chops,steaks get the drift lol ;)

  3. ohh I missed this bread recipe - wow making it in the sun ?

    I don't have a big camp oven or even remember where our small one is , if we still have it?

    how would it go in the gas BBQ I wonder ?

    you rock and solar babe.

  4. It's a yummy recipe Trish!
    I think it could work on a gas BBQ so long as the lid is on? lol give it a go and let us know how it went ;)
    Thanks :D