Thursday, February 14, 2008

Trivial History February 14

A very Aussie Happy St Valentine's Day to allmrgreen

1779 Jimmy Cook aka Captain Cook met a sticky end at the end of a sharp stick aka spear on the Sandwich Islands aka Hawaii.

1792 The first shop in the NSW colony opened to rip off the customers for business.

In 1951 Mr Arthur Bielby of Westralia asked to buy state lottery ticket 7598 as it was his old Army number but the request was refused due to the amount of work it would involve.
The later winning ticket number was 7598.

1802 John Murray pottered, peered and prodded around Port Phillip.

1827 Frederick Tooth, Aussie brewer, was poured into the world. Read more about fermenting Fred HERE.

Ghost spot-
The old Gaiety Theatre in Zeehan, Tassie, used to have an unseen but often heard spirit tripping and stumbling around in the back storerooms. People investigating the strange noises would always find the cobwebs and dust undisturbed.

1846 Start strutting your neck to knee costume, Myrtle! Robinson Baths in Sydney's Domain played host to the first ever Aussie swimming championships with Mr Redman taking a very un-Olympic-like 8 mins and 43 seconds to win a 440 yard freestyle splash 'n' dash.

1900 I hear pan for the hills, Miranda ! According to the fictional book Picnic at Hanging Rock 3 fictional girls went missing during a fictional outing from their fictional snooty private girls school near factual Woodend. Just don't ask about that missing chapter that explains everything....

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
When grocery shopping for meat or fish, wait until after 12 noon on Saturdays and visit a local butcher or fishmonger shop; they usually start to heavily mark down meat and fish after this time as they're closed on Sundays.

1916 AIF soldiers weren't too impressed with the strict training conditions at Casula Camp in NSW; their rioting, ransacking pubs and hijacking trains might have got the message across somehow.

1924 A new fan-dangled cooking doohickey wowed the housewives in Melbourne who could finally put a fancy name to throwing all the left overs together in the Casserole.

Great Uncle Rupert's Ripper Refreshments-
Passionate Scene.
Into a tall glass pour 60 ml orange juice, 5 ml lemon or lime juice, 50 ml Strawberry Liqueur and then top with 2 teaspoons of passion fruit pulp.
*Great Uncle Rupert advocates responsible service of alcohol and drinking in moderation.

1936 Rowers, store your oars! The Brisbane River Bridge was opened at Indooroopilly.

1944 Feeling a tad warm in the luxury of the coal mines the miners began a strike in NSW.

1956 The Man From Snowy River star Tom Burlinson was hatched.

1966 Aussies started warbling the following ditty to the tune of "Click Go The Shears" when decimal currency was thrown at the masses introduced-
In come the dollars, in come the cents,
To replace the pounds and shillings and the pence,
Be prepared for changes when the coins begin to mix,
on the 14th February 1966.

1975 Feeling a little less regal but still puffed up with hot air important The Order of Or-Stray-Lia was introduced.

1984 Elton John did the unthinkable during a brain fart moment got hitched to Renate Blauel at St Mark's Church in Sydney.

1986 Jupiter's Casino opened its doors and the piggy banks of its patrons.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Brown Onion Soup.
Boil up a chicken carcass, strain and toss out the bones.
Saute 10 chopped onions with a handful of finely chopped chives, parsley and 1 clove of crushed garlic in a little oil until they're just turning brown, then dump them into the pot of chicken broth.
Gently heat the saucepan until simmering, do not boil, keep stirring.
Season to taste with pepper and other herbs of choice.
Serve with hot crusty bread rolls dripping with lashings of butter.



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