Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Trivial History February 27

Hmmm the smell of Deep Heat in the morning really rocks my bacon and eggs razz

1788 17 year old Thomas Barrett won the unlucky door prize to be the first to cop it in the neck in the colony when he was executed for nicking food from the public store.

In 1924 a large amphitheatre was built at Balmoral,NSW, by the Order of The Star of The East that was convinced Christ was making his return. Seats in the amphitheatre were sold for up to £1,000 for believers to watch Him appear on the water at Sydney Heads. After a while with a no show, the building was demolished.

1819 Convicts, displeased with their luxury suites and room service in Tassie, borrowed a schooner "Young Lachlan" for a joy ride and somehow found themselves, and the authorities, in Java.

1830 Freo's first fish and chip wrapping was published, The Fremantle Journal and General Advertiser, a manuscript newspaper written by hand.

Ghost spot-
A Penrith,NSW, family held a seance in 1921 to find the missing will of a recently deceased relative. The words "Pilgrim's Progress" was spelled out and opening an old copy of that very book they found £200 and a receipt for repairing the grandfather clock. Opening the clock, they found the missing will.

1863 Crow Eaters rejoice! The South Oz parliament opened for business.

1927 The Empire Theatre in Sydney flung open its doors and made a grand entrance with the first production being the musical Sunny, debuting the ever wonderful late great Queenie Ashton.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Use steel wool to plug any holes or gaps around plumbing pipes to stop any mice gaining entrance to your house.

1928 Bert Hinkler completed a solo flight from England to his home town of Bundaberg Qld, where he taxied the plane down the main street to his mum's house without a hint of road rage in sight.

1936 Footballing great Ron Barassi was pupped today. Read more about him HERE.

Miss Ed Ma Kate Shun's Elucidations-
Take 1 hard-boiled shelled egg and 1 glass bottle with an opening larger than the egg.
Put the bottle in a bowl of hot water for 5-10 mins, then move the bottle to a bowl of cold water.
Wet the egg and pop it pointy-side down on the bottle opening. The egg will slowly slide into the bottle. To get it back out again, hold the bottle upside down and blow into the bottle - the egg will fly out.
When warm the air molecules expand and when cooled they contract,dropping the air pressure; with the heavier air pressure outside the bottle pushing the egg into the bottle. Blowing hot air into the bottle increases the air pressure again, forcing the air and the egg out of the bottle.

1965 The Seekers' hit song about a love-struck sheep "I'll Never Find Another Ewe You" hit the number 1 spot in the UK and was the very first million record selling single for any Aussie group...or sheep station.

1974 Gough Whitlam appointed Sir John Kerr as G-G - whoops!!!

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Extra Sweet Strawberries.
Leave stalks on the fruit and roll in lightly beaten egg whites, then roll in castor sugar and melted chocolate. Place on a rack to dry, then dip just the tips into melted white chocolate, dry again and then pile into a pyramid shape to serve as a light dessert.


  1. "Seats in the amphitheatre were sold for up to £1,000 for believers to watch Him appear on the water at Sydney Heads. After a while with a no show, the building was demolished."

    Hopefully with the audience still in it.

  2. Sadly no...they were recaptured and taken back to The Big House With The Big Fence from whence they'd escaped ;)