Tuesday, February 19, 2008

When pumpkins invade !

Wandering around the vegie garden with a mind of its own food forest this morning I found this sneaky bugger high up in the Nashi tree.eek

No wonder the Rainbow Lorikeets have been more raucous than usual lol

To any of my nice normal next door neighbours who might be reading this - you're welcome to any pumpkins who've escaped over our fence !


  1. Those pumpkins are crazy little blighters aren't they. They'll grow almost anywhere once they get going!!!

  2. Hehe - do you think the lorikeets were yelling, "Cor, check out the Nashis on this one!" ??

  3. I'm waiting for them to knock on the backdoor to invade the house lol.

    LMAO Naomi - YES, that went through my mind :D

  4. The first year we were in our last house we had a crazy pumpkin that grew about five metres up one of our trees. I worried that it would land on the kids.

  5. I'm walking carefully and carrying a big umbrella Colin lol ;)