Monday, February 25, 2008

World Maths Day

For all the mums, dads, kids and horses who can count to 12, World Maths Day is happening on March 5.

How many days away is that? Get in some practice by counting it up and yes you can use your toes.

World Maths Day is free to register, kids of all ages can have a go and possibly win a prize.
Register now and have some fun, compete against other kids from all over the world and see who''s the clever clogs with their number stuff.

World Maths Day - for homeschooled kids, mainstream schooled kids, kids of all ages; where maths geeks are Rulers of The Universe and we are all in awe of their mighty grey cells!

If you haven't figured out the link yet, here it is one last time -
World Maths Day

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