Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bits 'n' Bobs

Top of the morning to you all, you brilliantly bright blingy things!

Some housekeeping !
Got a great "You Cheer Me Up Award" from Marita on her blog Stuff With Thing the other day and I've been incredibly slack in gratefully acknowledging it and her. Thanks Marita, you and your blog rockmrgreen

Ian from My Big World Of Crap (which it isn't, really!) awarded me 250 EC points for speaking from the bottom of my boots heart on his blog in a Pay It Forward contest.
The rules are I now need to hold a Pay It Forward contest, so between today and next Tuesday evening at 5pm, you have the mission, should you choose to accept it, to leave a smarty pants witty comment on here for the chance for 4 of you to win 250 EC points each.
I'll be announcing the winners next Wednesday morning, so make me snort coffee through my nose!lol

Name That .....Thing will be posted later today now that I know where The Spouse has hidden my cache of weird objects to be photographedrazz

Pithy remarks regarding the Vic Transport Minister Lyn Kosky who is asking for quiet country roads near railway crossings to be closed will be entertained.

Introspection with a verbal scalpel on the mother who let her 14 year old daughter trot off with a bloke she'd only just met that evening only to end up in a high speed police chase locked in the boot of a stolen car is also allowed.

The economy, Big Kev, school hols, the next door neighbours' baked bean dutch oven contests - vent your spleen and make us laugh!


  1. Will the genius never end? Close country roads? What a great idea. Maybe we could close Union Rd Surrey Hills (for example)where there have been level crossing fatalities even with the boomgates. That road is a bit superfluous to me since I don't live near there. Where do they get these brilliant buggers from...?

  2. Congratulations to your awards! It always feels great to be appreciated by fellow bloggers.

  3. How about we close Warrigal Rd in Mentone, too? I don't use it so *pfft* it must be totally unnecessary!
    I think they unearth them from down the back of the couch with the loose change and lint....

    Thanks Janet, yes it does !
    Congrats on your new book too! :)

  4. Yes, why not! shut all those pesky country lanes down!!!!!
    The crossings at Lake boga for instance...the main access from the Murray Valley Highway to the post office, the footy club, newsagent, the local watering hole and most peoples homes...Of course the driver of the meat truck a few years ago possibly counted himself lucky he only suffered skid marks in his jocks when he forgot you stop before the railway lines not on them. Pity the train driver had a nervous breakdown after walking the 2kms trying to find the truckies body in the blobs of meat scattered everywhere....
    Then of course there is the Pental Island crossing, at Swan Hill, only access point for 40km for farmers and famillies, no boom gates despite the blinding mallee sunsets, that is until after a family of 5 were incinerated...bit late...
    The one that scares me the most of all, is the crossing at Castle Donnington just south of Swan Hil, recognised as one of the states most dangerous as it is on a severe diagonal in a bend in the busy MV Hwy with only some dodgy lights.
    Despite this it missed being on the govt most dangerous list.
    I must however congratulate the Vic govt on the upgrade of the Kerang crossing, you cannot fail to miss it now with road ridges for 1km and all the bells and whistles not that it wasn't that obvious in the first place.
    The fact is it only takes a very short time for us all to have our minds off the serious job of looking out around us while on the roads, we are all guilty of this, even govt ministers, some pay the ultimate price for these mistakes. Shutting down roads, especially little ones is not going to change this.