Sunday, March 30, 2008

Black and White Day, May 16th, 2008

Haven't heard about Black and White Day yet?

I'm sure most are aware that the Tasmanian Devils are under threat from Facial Tumour Disease.
A young 9 year old chap, Nature Nic, started Black and White Day last year in an effort to raise awareness and money for the Tassie Devils.

Tassie Devils develop lesions around their mouth when they contract the Facial Tumour Disease and most usually die within 3 - 8 months.

Black and White Day 2008 is being held on May 16.
It's a day when all school kids - and, hopefully, workplaces - around Australia can dress up in black and white (the colours of the Tassie Devil) and donate a gold coin which goes towards research into this fatal disease decimating our precious, endangered Tassie Devils.

Sure, Tassie Devils are contained to just the small island state of Tasmania but once we lose this fantastic creation from Mother Nature the whole of Australia, and the world, is all the more poorer.

To learn more about this efficient , and only Aussie mammalian scavenger, click HERE.

There is plenty of time to organise a Black and White Day at your local school or workplace.

You could even volunteer with the Tassie Devil Facial Tumour Disease Team, for detailed information click HERE.


  1. I blame Elmer Fudd for the disease's introduction...

  2. Which Elmer Fudd? There's a few clones of him running parliament here at the moment :P