Monday, March 24, 2008

Cannibal Chooks....Eggs, Anyone?

As everyone knows chooks, and their feed, attract mice.
Mine, I discovered, are no different.
However, mine clean up the pestilence they attract.

A few years ago we watched (in stomach churning horror for The Spouse who's never touched an egg since) as the Beaked Backyard Biatches snapped up a large nest of mice we'd uncovered when we shifted the hen house.

Faster and more efficient than any cat!
All evidence gone in a matter of seconds!
Large or small, the meece couldn't outrun the hens.
Then they got down to tin tacks and started ripping through the soil, hunting out more long tailed scurrying meals mice.

All was fine for a couple of years until the other day, when I spied a mouse in their little-used hen house making free with their food bowl.
Raked out the bedding and scattered a few seeds in there for the girls and they morphed into the Beaked Backyard Biatches again.
A tractor couldn't churn up the soil any better than these chooks as they ripped into it searching out any more mice.
The obvious reason why the mice chose the hen house as the safest hidey hole was because the girls have attitudes and opinions of where and when they will sleep and aint no human gonna tell them that a hen house is more comfy than under the apple tree...where they can gobble up the stray moths, crawly things, mice trying to nest in the roots of the tree....

But the thing that has me concerned is the body we've had to bury in the vegie patch (oh yes, the vegie patch is a well known grave yard for a multitude of bodies! BYO body and shovel, and we'll save you a spotwink).
An almost fully grown possum ventured into the Beaked Backyard Biatches domain last night.
An almost fully grown possum tried to sample my vegies near the Beaked Backyard Biatches.
An almost fully grown possum didn't make it out alive.

They're working their way up the food chain.
Will I find my position in the pecking order drastically changed one morning?!
Will I be the one running around like a chook with its head chopped off?
Will the Beaked Backyard Biatches have the last cackle(berry) ?

Excuse me as I change into my gumboots with the steel reinforced toe.....


  1. That's scary!

    thought chooks were meant to eat bugs and stuff!

  2. The Phantom Bantoms! Brings a whole new meaning to 'Chicken Lickin'.

  3. I did not know chooks ate mice. Remarkable. Thought of you the other day after 'the' funeral. Standing in a car park at the back of Jane's restaurant and there was a vine entangled through a cyclone wire fence and it was loaded with chokos.

  4. NOW we know... As seen on TV:
    People grow monster chicks, cannibal birds....
    It is YOU!!!!
    Hmmm wonder what they taste like?

  5. Well that explains why you were loathed to accept mr freaky fingers gift of his oh so cute little mices for his mate feral beast
    You have a well hidden soft spot for these adorable little rodents. I am touched you that you had their welfare at heart.
    You will be no doubt be highly concerned to know that our new monster garfield lookalike is guarding them with utmost intensity.
    But fear not he will be re educated just as his feral feline flatmates have been.

  6. Bettina - Thanks for the ecard! :)
    I'll let you and the coven explain to the chooks what they're supposed to be dining on LOL.

    Brian - who gave them a whetstone to hone their beaks,hmmm?

    Andrew - and we don't eat their eggs,even when the buggers do lay them these days lol. And of course you grabbed some to plant, didn't you ?:P

    Blogmaster - probably pnly slightly tougher than old leather ;)

    Mdm Admin - I had to refuse such a generous offer as the chooks would expect me to serve their meals...err mice each and every day. Then where would I be with rampant possums running amok?!

  7. Oh my God Jayne. A truly unsettling fact of life that perhaps I did not need to know. Reminds me of Farside.

  8. We couldn't live with the knowledge any longer without sharing it with everyone on the web, LiD lol ;)

  9. OMG -I didn't know chickens were carnivores except for bugs and worms.