Monday, March 3, 2008

Everything old is new again....

The Spouse wandered up to our local Sunday Market yesterday and, amongst the plethora of Aussie history books, he also bought 12 months' worth of The Home Gardener, a monthly magazine that someone had thoughtfully had bound in a hard cover ("All copies bound for 3/6 by the publishers Mitchell & Casey 25 Tattersall's Lane, Melb") , dated from January - December 1918.

Some of the ads are treasures on their own, I'll scan and post some later.
The numerous horticultural societies are mind boggling - with awards for local school entries with flower arrangements, fruit and vegetables ( don't recall reading about that recently, must have missed the ads in the papers!).

As we'd just come through a nasty drought in 1914-1915 (not to forget the killer Federation drought of 1895-1902), it's ironically amusing ( if you have the twisted sense of humour that I have) how the very things that have become normal, everyday conversation in the last few years were being recommended waaaay back in 1918.

Like mulching ( no it wasn't invented yesterday), repairing lawns after hot summers ( I could market that cure!), a perennial Broccoli that withstood dry, searing heat and freezing winters with deep roots and lived over 3 years ( alas it still exists but not, apparently, in Australia), a list of apple tree names as long as your arm that most fruit shops have never heard of (but probably available at Badger's Keep in Chewton, Victoria. Sorry, no link, Google them instead) and much, much more.

Also, just for Andrew to impress Little Jo in years to come with his local historical trivia, here's this -

This particular Margaret St is now attributed to Carnegie.


  1. I am sure she will utterly impressed when I blurt this out at her 21st. 'Don't worry, only dotty Uncle Andrew'.

  2. Mulching. That's what happens to our garden after the cat's been raiding the local bins.

  3. Gee, you're lucky...I get that now from The Tribe!

    Ahhh, we call it something more 'earthy' amongst the swearing under our breath ;)