Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Feral Beast Blog

The male offspring, Feral Beast, has begun his own blog The Chronicles of Feral Beast.
He was previously known as Feral Beastie (as in my wee feral beastie) but has insisted that I drop the "ie" at the end as it sounds baby-ish.
Yes, Sir!
Yesterday's post took him nearly 3 hours to type - with distractions of dogs, TV, dogs, what was happening in the garden, dogs, trying to compose his thoughts, dogs, planes flying overhead and checking his spelling...not to mention the dogs.
I'm hoping to get him into the routine of blogging every day to help him get into the habit of composing his thoughts, learning to express himself in the written word, practice his spelling and generally learn more computer skills.
These homeschooling mums are just nasty, aren't they?! lol
So have a gander if you want but don't get overwhelmed with the content (2 posts) or the high-brow discussions he conducts - he is only 11 after all wink


  1. Read ok. I have no intention of comment on an 11 year old's blog for reasons I am sure you understand. But I will read as he posts. Do I see a chip off the old block happening?

  2. That's ok Andrew, I understand ;)
    LOL When his nagging old bat of a mother can get him to sit down to post, maybe!

  3. I thought it was reet grand and will be reading more.

  4. Thank you Brian, he's over the moon (and chuckling) at your comment :)

  5. Great Idea. I have an almost 10 year old who might want to connect !!!

  6. Cool Nikki, that would be great :)

  7. Those pilots must have had decent binoculars to be flying over head and checking his spelling...

    Wandered by and had a read of the young feller's work too. Good to see a young feller writing, eh?

  8. LOL thanks Mr V, yes I should watch my syntax and grammar ;)
    He's had a quick look at your blog too,he'll probably explore it a bit more today :)

  9. Thats a great idea Jayne! I hope he really enjoys it. Shall have a looksee over the weekend.