Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hand-Made drool!

Feral Queen has nurtured a love for good shoes to the point we can now launch her into The Shoe Shop To Beat All Shoe Shops - Rocco's Hand Made Shoes in Malvern.
Near the Malvern train station is a shop filled with all kinds of footwear you have only dreamed of and then some more that can be made to measure from your nightmares too.

The Spouse first bought snakeskin boots from Rocco's waaaaay back 25 years ago and he's never bought shoes anywhere else since.
I have bought shoes and boots from The Man over the years that are still in as new condition today, albeit with new soles.
Rocco's son has taken over the business since Rocco retired but the hand-made shoes are still excellent quality, you can still stand in the shop and drink in the delicious smell of leather until you have visions of leather lederhosen clad sugar plum fairies dancing in your head.

Rocco's is where you can buy a ready made pair of shoes or have them made to order, no matter how outrageous the demand. The shop specialises in pointy toe rocker shoes and boots but don't be misled, there are certainly other styles readily available to grace your footsies! Feral Queen was drooling over the spats in the window display and has plans to get some 1940's and 1950's style shoes hand made.
Rocco's has and still makes shoes/boots for the likes of David Bowie, Jon Bon Jovi, Bono, Tom Jones, etc. Most theatre actors and entertainers have their costume footwear made by Rocco's and many lads in Sydney's Mardi Gras parade have their made to order shoes/boots created by Rocco's.

The beauty of Rocco's shoes is that you can, on average, pay considerably less for a hand-made ,made to measure pair of stunning boots/shoes than you would fork out to many other stores. $200-$400 for a sweat shop made, fashion label stamped, off the shelf pair of shoes that fall apart after several outings - or one of Rocco's gorgeous creations that hug your foot like a second skin, for less $, last long enough to hand down to your great-grandkids and is Aussie made?
Gee, tough choice!

You will only learn of Rocco's by word of mouth - it is not advertised, it has no phone number, it has no website and I seriously doubt it has EFTPOS.
I've scrounged up a few links for you to peruse while you free up a day in your dairies to drool over the goods in Rocco's.


  1. Over here we call such places 'cobblers'. ('s true.) joke copyright Giles Brandreth 1976.

  2. A bus full of retired shoemakers = a load of old cobblers :P

  3. Fantastic post.
    OK. This is as important as chocolate Jayne. I am going to look there and then I am going to buy there. Oh, yes and anything you want they can make? Pinch me, I am dreaming.

  4. shoes..... *swoon*

    off to drool.

    thanks babe. Such an important community service announcement.

  5. It was an important post - Rocco's being part of Melb history and all that....not to mention the beautiful shoes (Melb art)...a mecca that famous musicians visit (tourist spot)...handy to public transport...and a hidden gem :P

  6. Jayne....Yuuuuuuuum. Oh what a wonderful, real store. The passion shines through in the reviews and the wall of deliciousness.
    A must visit in my future. :-)

  7. Just found this link! Thanks for linking to me!