Saturday, March 1, 2008

Homophobic Halfwits

I'm a grumpy old cow at the moment and not just from my bruised bum although I've found another pain in the arse in the form of a ban by Facebook.
Last time I looked I could have sworn it was 2008 not 1808 mad

Here's a copy of the email I received -

Earlier this week Come Out Australia recieved a homophobic message from an outside source, telling us we were all sick and needed to be cured, and that we should not come out.
Very basic homophobic banter.
We reported the message to facebook and the result was:

Come Out Australia has been penalised for reporting a homophobic message.

We have appealed the decision, however Facebook have so far rejected any such appeals.

There are a number of facebook profiles for many social, business, political and religious organisations across the world, yet it appears facebook does not want GLBT groups to enjoy the same benefits.

I am asking everyone to email Facebook demanding the Come Out Australia account be reactivated.

Please send an email to

When sending your email, feel free to use your own words.
Our suggested letter is short and sweet:

Dear Facebook,
Your decision to ban the Come Out Australia profile simply because they reported a homophbic message is unfair and offensive.
Facebook should be promoting tolerance, acceptance and inclusion, not bigotry, hatred and division.
I demand you reactivate the Come Out Australia Facebook profile immediately.

Your support is much apprreciated, please ask your friends to send emails as well and ask them to join the Facebook group. COME OUT AUSTRALIA BANNED BY FACEBOOK... Repeal the ban now.


  1. I read recently that people who had set up a Facebook account were being innundated with SPAM. Any attempt to close the account by those being targetted resulted in failure.

    Under the circumstances, Come Out Australia being banned from Facebook have, albeit inadvertantly, got the better deal...

  2. I have heard that too basically a person has to wave the Rainbow Flag to get rid of a Facebook account.
    Come Out Australia might indeed have got the better deal after all!

  3. I wrote an email, but saved it in drafts, until I either check it all out myself or you say it is legit and can vouch for it.

  4. I can not read this
    because I have to log in.
    But I did send the support E-mail because I think that free speech should be observed!

  5. It was posted on the QMelb message boards by Sally Goldner, so I'm assuming it's legit.
    Here's the link-

  6. Ok, I missed it. Sally is usually reliable.

  7. Good on you Blogmaster John :)