Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Name That ...


No prizes, just an allowance to wear a smug smile for 2 mins razz


Kelley said...

Um, I have one of these. I think it is a knife sharpener. Or not.

Andrew said...

Bean slicer/maybe stringer too.

Brian Hughes said...

I know this one. Kelley's correct. It's a knife sharpener. I know because I've always wanted one. It'd an upgrade on the prehistoric whetting stone I have in my kitchen drawer.

Jayne said...

Yes, Mz Kelley is correct!
It's a knife sharpener.
Although flintknapping always makes the sharpest lump of rock in the kitchen drawer :P

You may wear a smug smile for 2 mins, Kelley!

blogmaster said...

As a chef, I do know.
It is a knife sharpener and a very special one, it is for left handed users. You can see that clearly by looking at its handle, it points to the left.
Then again as a blogger, I know it is a comment filterer.

All you need to do is run any comments thru it to make them slim to reduce space needed to store them.

In short it is a dual use instrument.

Where did you say my wine is?

baby~amore' said...

Go Kelley !
I knew it too - just slow off the mark.

Kelley said...

I keep telling you people how awesome I am... when will you learn.

Bask in my awesomeness...


Jayne said...

I think Kelley may have taken your wine Blogmaster lol, although you get 2 extra points for originality !

I'll post another next week Trish ;)

Do we need SPF 30 sunscreen to bask in your awesomeness, Kelley ? :P

Colin Campbell said...

We had one of those when I was growing up. I still like to sharpen two knives together.