Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Now why am I not surprised...?

Feral Beast and The Spouse have just returned home to tell me my instincts were correct - the council sent security guards down to the dig site at lunchtime to clear everyone out and erected taller, and more secure, fencingexclaim

They took some photos, which Feral Beast will post sometime tomorrow and, from a pile of discarded bits, he was able to grab a select few pottery and bottle shards.

The whole site is scattered with fully intact bottles but where the few dedicated diggers were working (the ones who found the toothpaste lid) it was tidy, properly prepared and looked professional.

Probably shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted for the council to fund a dig, or even a review, of the site by Heritage Victoria now after so many different people have turned over the soil.

The council was determined to shove this development through, disregarding all historical significance of the area, disregarding overwhelming sentiment against it and even the possible historical archaeology of the site itself - and now it's "suddenly" off-limits after 7 months of illegal excavation, that the council was well aware of, when someone finds something of significant interest that's grabbed both the media and public's attention.
Now why am I not surprised...?


  1. There's a simple way to resolve the problem. Remind the council about the ballot box.

  2. No publicity on the dig site and short memories for a lot of people, although I doubt Andrew will forget quickly ;)