Thursday, March 6, 2008

Observational Bits

Not content with its take-over of the nashi tree, the pumpkin vine makes its move on the plum tree.

Only to find the climbing beans had residency before it.

The Spouse finally performed acrobatic techniques wangled a photo of the cannon sitting (still aimed at the aged care hostel) in a local scrap metal yard.

Chokos growing new shoots from just sitting on the window sill since last Saturday, 5 days!
Yes, they'll never win beauty contests ( or taste testing, Andrew!) but they grow quickly and can cover the long drop thunderbox in a matter of weeks AND feed The Tribe when I play Old Mother Hubbard lol


  1. A bit like eating air, but with slightly more texture, but not much. :-P

  2. "...can cover the long drop thunderbox..."

    I've no idea what that expression means, but a cat balancing its rear-end over the edge of a table springs to mind for some reason.

  3. Sums them up well! lol Cooked in a chook casserole they're alright ;)

    Long drop = deep mine shaft
    Thunderbox = outhouse
    Put them together and you've got the richest manure mine this side of parliament...which would look lovely covered in a choko vine,too! ;)

  4. I wasn't far off with the cat image then.

  5. lol! Now who'd want to blow up the old folks home? lmao

  6. Poor oldies, that's a mean looking gun to have pointed at your aspidistras.

    P.S. I can't seem to put up that blog award you gave me so kindly. I have copied the code in the right place and still not a sausage. I will try again.

  7. my Nan loved her chokos - haven't had them for a long time.

    Yes - great photo of the canon -poor old folks.

  8. Pretty much on the money Brian ;)

    Bettina I can think of a certain school looking at future development lol!

    Lid, try just "save image as" and putting it in as a pic.

    I'll be planting mine out soon Trish and probably share them with the oldies who'll no doubt think the cannon is an ideal growing platform for them ;)