Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Strange people live in my house...

Mixing dough for bread when The Spouse wanders in and asks (even though it's as obvious as the nose on his face),
"What are you doing?"
My reply is-
"Playing the piano."
The Spouse nods sagely and says,
"Yep, I've always said you can't go far wrong with a trade to fall back onto."

An hour later and I'm mincing meat and vegies for tonight's dinner when Dad wanders in and asks,
"What's that?"
"A wig wam for a gooses' bridle" I answer.
"Oh good! Can I have extra thingamebobs and whatsits on top when it's ready?"
"Sure Dad. Do you want it yesterday or tomorrow?"
"Oh, last week will do me fine."


  1. LOL

    Sounds like my family (yeah, they ARE a bit strange).

  2. Love it.

    Sounds like conversations in our house too !!!!

  3. "A wig wam for a gooses' bridle"

    Hmmm...incorrect apostrophe use, Mrs. Beast-Mum, mistaking the singular possessive noun for the plural. Try "goose's" instead and then write out 'I must not make typos' one hundred times before I return from having a crafty cigarette in the staffroom.

  4. those are conversations you would hear in my mother's house lol

  5. So our families would understand each other perfectly then, Naomi, Nikki and Bettina ? LOL Scary thought!

    A "crafty cigarette"?
    Wouldn't be one of those "make 'em yourself" type crafty cigs, would it Brian?!
    I'll send my 100 lines via carrier pigeon; you can expect it in the next decade or so :P

  6. Classic - I will have to remember these.

  7. ROFL That is fabulous! I'm never that quick on my feet with come backs. =D