Saturday, March 15, 2008

Trivial History March 15

Day eleventy hundred of the Indian Summer heatwave and not a cloud in sight....send 'er down Hughie and don't spare the drizzle!
Pssst ! Those of you not on water restrictions - can you slip us a few gazillion thousand litres in the post?

1779 Billy Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne, PM of the UK and who lent his name to the capital of Victoria, was pupped. Read more about Billy-boy HERE.

1806 Things were crook in Tallarook... and everywhere else after the Hawkesbury River ran a banker and washed away houses, stock and crops which left the colony to face a savage diet reduction starvation.

Mr W.C. Wentworth almost became the biggest landlord on earth in the pioneering days when he bought 10 million acres from the Maoris on NZ's South Island for £200 and 200,000 acres on the North Island for £200 plus a £100 pension for the chief with whom he negotiated. Sadly both deals were set aside by the government (greedy buggers don't like competition) and Wentworth lost his deposits.

1824 Dig up those tins of pennies under the patio, Aunty Maud...The Bank of Van Diemen's Land opened its doors for business in Hobart.

1848 Ohhh no need to throw away the injured and dying now that the Melbourne Hospital is open.

Ghost spot-
A nasty house with a even nastier reputation once stood in Hay Street,Perth. Back in the 1870's this house was a well-known brothel and a nasty chappie did a rather nasty mischief to 2 of the girls who worked there. Afterwards many a man would report having exchanged waves through the window with pretty girls who simply vanished into thin air.

1877 Oh ho ho! The first slaughter cricket test match between Or-stray-lia and Old Blighty was pounded played at the MCG between March 15- 17 with the home team (us Aussies) winning by 1,000's 45 runs.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
When faced with filthy English cricketers cricket whites, soak in cold water and lather generously with Velvet laundry soap. Rubbing gently with an old toothbrush will shift stubborn grass and ball stains.

1901 The Hysterical Historical Society of NSW held its first meeting...probably to talk about that hysterical historical cricket match at the MCG razz

1940 The first two sheilas women from the Voluntary Aid Detachments organisation enlisted in the AIF. More than 200 of these female volunteers served overseas in the Middle East and Ceylon during WW2.

Great Uncle Rupert's Ripper Refreshments-
Brew a pot of tea, add freshly chopped mint leaves, let cool.
Pour in a tall glass with 1 oz ouzo, ice cubes and more mint leaves.
*Great Uncle Rupert advocates responsible service of alcohol and drinking in moderation.

1950 Rosaleen Norton, The Witch of Kings Cross, graced the cover of People magazine in Sydney...only because, I'm sure, they couldn't fit that cricket match on just the front cover smile

1973 Something smells foul in the state of...Victoria, after Attorney-General Lionel Murphy and the Commonwealth coppers held a dance party raid on the ASIO offices in Melbourne. Not, I suspect, to rewrite the outcome of that cricket match at the MCGwink

Miss Ed Ma Kate Shun's Elucidations-
Take the kids shopping and show them the huge difference in loose groceries compared to pre-packaged goods, and how very little of the packaging can be recycled. Discuss the amount of waste and how landfill tips are full of this throw-away packaging. Get the kids to write a shopping list and calculate (in kgs) how much waste would result from a weekly shopping trip and think about how this can be changed.

2003 Cricket legend and all-round nice bloke who can't sing for peanuts, Brett Lee took a One Day International hat trick at Kingsmead in Durban. He was probably still excited about that cricket match at the MCG...

2006 QEII beamed down from the mothership (don't you just love how inconspicuously she manages that?) and happened to be passing the MCG when she noticed the 18th Commonwealth Games needed an official to open them, so she kindly obliged...after demanding that Steve Bracks not mention that cricket match.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Chicken Savoury Pancakes.
Finely chop chicken into very small pieces, add to a basic batter of water, eggs and flour. Mix till smooth, then add onions, diced capsicums, a very few finely chopped pieces of pineapple and dried parmesan cheese, seasoning to taste.
Pour batter into hot, oiled pan in size of choice. When bubbles appear in batter, flip it over.
Serve with horseradish cream and steamed vegies of choice.


  1. I am so OVER summer already, I don't need an indian one to extend the actual one :S grrr

    Sorry, no water here either.

  2. Bugger.
    Do you think a petition to shorten our summers will carry much weight with Mother Nature?

  3. "1779 Billy Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne, PM of the UK and who lent his name to the capital of Victoria, was pupped."

    Does that mean his first name was 'V'?

  4. Very viably verisimilar Brian :P