Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trivial History March 19

A stunningly beautiful day with the temperature below boiling point for humans for a change!
Landscaping the front garden, planting out new green things to kill admire, more vegies to wither feed the starving Tribe, then cheesecakes, cakes, and other cholesterol-laden diabetic coma inducing foods to make for the BBQ on Friday...ahh, so nice to have free time on my hands!

1790 HMS (His Majesty's Ship) Sirius was popping over to Norfolk Island with a bite to eat when it had a nasty mischief on a reef and went belly up.

1834 The Tolpuddle Martyrs tried to start a union to improve working conditions but the authorities said no, no, no! And sent them from the cricket pitch England to Or-stray-lia for 7 years' good luck transportation. Read more about the Martyrs HERE.

1836 Marvellous, wonderful and simply splendid David Scott Mitchell was pupped today. Mitchell spent most of his life and a small fortune collecting Australiana, which he donated to the NSW State Library on his death. Read about Old Four Hours, (the nickname the hansom cab drivers gave him due to his habit of spending 4 hours every Monday searching through second hand book shops), HERE.

The day after a bird was knocked out by the ball during the third Test in Adelaide in January 1980, an ad appeared in the local newspaper thanking well-wishers, signed by C. Gull.

1839 Land prices plummeted and the locals upped sticks and decamped... settlement began at Port Lincoln.

1852 Adelaide was rolling in it after the first gold escort rocked into town from the Mount Alexander goldfields with over 5,000 oz of the glittery stuff.

Ghost spot-
At Kembla Grange, NSW, there stands a lovely old home that has a resident spirit. This ghost is very shy and does nothing to disturb, but rather replaces things in their rightful spot, straightens curtains and tablecloths and vases of flowers.

1856 Pssst! Secret ballot voting was introduced to Oz (and the world) with the passing of the prune juice first ballot law in Victoria.

1866 John Dunn, an oh-so-young bushranger who rode with Ben Hall, was hanged. Read more about him HERE.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
This winter turn a vegie patch into a greenhouse by simply hammering in stakes around the vegie patch and draping heavy greenhouse plastic across the top; this will protect the plants from any frosts and give some extra warmth.

1904 Stroke! Stroke! Stroke! The first Henley-on Yarra Regatta was held today and was won by those spiffy chaps from Ballarat.

1907 At Bonnievale in Westralia miner Modesto Vareschetti was trapped in a flooded mine for 9 days. He was eventually rescued by Frank Hughes who had repeatedly brought him food in a diving suit.

Great Uncle Rupert's Ripper Refreshments-
Mix a bottle of sparkling white wine with 30 mls ouzo, 20 mls cherry advocaat and lemonade. Serve in a large jug with sliced strawberries in each glass.
*Great Uncle Rupert advocates responsible service of alcohol and drinking in moderation.

1913 The recently departed Smokey Dawson was born today. A friend of Ned Kelly's family and a resident of St Vincent's Boys' Home in Sth Melbourne, Herbert Henry Dawson lived a remarkable life. Read more about him HERE and HERE.

1932 The Coathanger aka Sydney Harbour Bridge was officially opened by The Big Feller, NSW Premier Jack Lang, after it was unofficially opened by New Guard member Francis de Groot.

1979 Crawford Productions began filming on the short-lived aircraft soapie Skyways. Starring former helicopter pilot from Skippy Tony Bonner with Tina Bursil, Gaynor Martin( now Mrs Glen Wheatley), a rather young Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan, Skyways failed in takeoff.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Marchmallow Delight.
Chop up 250 gms marshmallows with 100 grams walnuts, 400 gms pineapple pieces and mix well, then hide in the back of the fridge for 1 hour. Whip 1 cup of cream into thick, stiff peaks and fold gently into the mixture, then hide again in the fridge for another hour before serving.


  1. " ad appeared in the local newspaper thanking well-wishers, signed by C. Gull."

    That'd be Robin Redbreast's cousin.

  2. Did you say cheesecake? I'm there!

    PS, just wanted you to know that I directed the kids' school to your site the other day for all things Australiana. They were amazed at all the stuff that was on your blog!!!

  3. Robin has a lot of hungry cousins, Brain LOL.

    Oh thank you Tiff! :)
    I'll save you a piece of strawberry cheesecake ;)