Sunday, March 23, 2008

Trivial History March 23

Another beautiful day to chase you out of the bed and into the garden to hunt for those round, brown chocolate drops of, put that one down, that's a brown leaving from the possums....yes, that one, that's a large serving from the, not that one either... *sigh* no, that's from the neighbour's cat.....yes, that one is from a rabbit but not the Easter bunny kind...., that's sheep.....cow....camel....the donkey over the back has been through again....we've had Clydesdale horses visiting too?!....

Tis World Meteorological Day. Sadly, this isn't the day on which you may throw yellow snow at meteorologists who got the weather wrong AGAIN, but click HERE to find out what you can do.

1795 The first cargo exported from Oz to India, of cedar logs and mahogany (you can drop some off at my joint, thanks!) was launched in the bath tub today.

Technically Australia was a republic for 2 years after the Rum Rebellion deposed the King's Representative, Gov Bligh, ironically on January 26th, 1808 and administered the country under the command of George Johnston and the NSW (Rum) Corps.

1849 The natives were restless and revolting en masse when they got together in Sydney and Melbourne to vent their spleen against the idea of re-introducing convict transportation to these sunny climes.

1861 For Brian - London's first trams were allowed out on the streets!

Ghost spot-
An old house that was once used as a hospital in Caulfield, Victoria, still has the occasional scent of peroxide and a figure in stiffly starched skirts has been witnessed rushing along the halls only to disappear when entering a room.

1901 Dame Nellie Melba shared her Melba Toast recipe...and some, still today, wish she'd kept it to herself. (Oh look Gordon, no F word used!)

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Large clear plastic storage boxes with snap lock lids are ideal for portable greenhouses for growing seeds or plant cuttings. Ensure the soil is moist but not too wet and, with lid on, put the box in the shade. The retained heat and moisture should give any plant a good start.

1902 Ohhh he's not the brightest spark in the box of Redheads... a night watchman, who wasn't watching an awful lot, noticed a little puff of smoke puffing up from the back of Her Majesty's Theatre in Sydney but by the time he got around to gossiping with the fire brigade about it, the whole building was roaring along like a log fire.

Great Uncle Rupert's Ripper Refreshments-
Mix 20ml Cherry Advocaat in a shaker with apple and blackcurrant juice and ice cubes. Serve in a large glass.
*Great Uncle Rupert advocates responsible service of alcohol and drinking in moderation.

1902 Aussie Post, which wasn't Aussie Post at the time, stamped their foot and refused to deliver mail to Tattersall's Sweeps in Hobart. The ban wasn't lifted until 1930 but everyone got around this by addressing the mail to their "aunts" in Hobart, coining the phrase "All my aunts in Hobart" meaning something unbelievable.

1913 Daniel Mannix, the infamously influential church figure, set foot on Melbourne soil when he took up the position as Catholic Coadjutor Archbishop of Melbourne.

1922 Having a hissy fit in Banana Bender country, an Act proclaiming the abolition of the Qld Legislative Council was announced although it didn't come into effect until July the pollies plenty of time to clean their Upper House.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Stick to Your Ribs Soup.
Soak lentils overnight, drain then refill pot with cold water.
Throw in a ham hock, finely chopped vegies of choice, seasoning and herbs.
Cover and simmer for 3 hours.
Fish ham hock bones out and serve in bowls with hot crusty bread.

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