Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trivial History March 27

Good morning all you chilly little icicles!
Isn't it strange - this time last week we were having a heat wave able to boil your tea in the pot and today tis a chilly 9 degrees in Melbourne.
Stranger still was waking up to hear Red Symons talking about panda pron and the manhood - or lack thereof - of the male elephant at the Melbourne Zoo.eek

1789 6 of the 7 marines found nicking food stuffs from the food stores were done a nasty mischief and sent into the great beyond.

1797 The first animal pound - which didn't include male elephants or panda pron - was opened at Sydney Cove to mainly house stray pigs (no, not the 2 legged AFL variety, either).

Top crime reporter Hugh Buggy, who covered umpteen murder investigations during the 1940's and 1950's and who helped police with new theories, was asked by a Victorian police commissioner to trade in journalism for the Melbourne CIB.

1804 Wade no more, my good madam! A stone bridge across the Tank Stream had the final stone superglued into place.

1833 Start advertising for housing developers as Goulburn was gazetted as a town.

Ghost spot-
In Lochinvar, in the Hunter Valley, NSW, a lady found a strange man in the house behaving oddly and demanded to know who he was. Getting no reply and feeling scared, she ventured outside to look for her brother. Her brother told her he'd been busy with police and doctors as, only an hour earlier, a neighbour had come into the yard and shot himself. It was the same man his sister had just seen.

1837 The City of Churches, Adelaide, started flogging it's first blocks of land today.

1851 Brilliant and prolific Aussie author Rosa Praed was found in the damper patch today. Rosa found fame, fortune and her way out of the closet after her marriage and move to England. Read more about Rosa HERE.

1923 FART was constructed. Find out what FART was, or is, HERE. And no, it doesn't involve panda pron, tins of baked beans and a slightly chewed doona....

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
When shoes/ boots are caked with mud, leave them outside to dry. It's much easier to loosen the dirt when dried. If muddy shoes/boots are needed before that, swish your feet around in puddles - it's a good excuse to find your inner child!

1939 The Wirraway, the first Aussie-built military aircraft, was test flown in Melbourne for the first time.

1944 The Aussie Govt launched the first Victory Loan, one of 12 major Govt loans offered to the public, with the goal of raising £150 million for the War Effort.

1981 Oooooooooo Bust out the bubbly! The ABC got a prezzie...a brand-spanking-new news helicopter.

Miss Ed Ma Kate Shun's Elucidations-
To help kids explore different art mediums, get some pieces of very stiff/thick cardboard and get the kids to collect some sand, leaves, twigs, small rocks and coloured material.
Using strong glue, first get the kids to paint the whole piece of cardboard a chosen colour and then, using the collected materials, create a picture - IE trees, rivers, houses, beach, etc.

1983 PM Malcolm Fraser resigned as leader of the Liberal Party...but fear not! He went on to dazzle the masses without his trousers afterwards.

1985 Stinky rotten egg Unleaded petrol was on tap at a Chatswood service station in Sydney.

1992 Lang Hancock, who was pretty much larger than life while he was alive, was enshrined in Aussie folklore after his death today due to the biatchin' and scratchin' that went on over his estate and will between his widow and daughter. Read more about Lang, himself, HERE.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Thick Winter Stew.
Cube meat, removing all fat and gristle. Sear in a saucepan with a little oil and roughly chopped onions for 15 mins, then add 1 litre of water. Throw in some HP,BBQ and Worcestershire sauces, seasoning to taste and about 2 cups of finely chopped vegies of choice. Stir, let simmer for 50 mins. Do NOT let it boil.
Boil up and mash some spuds, serve with a hot crusty bread roll.


  1. "Her brother told her he'd been busy with police and doctors as, only an hour earlier, a neighbour had come into the yard and shot himself. It was the same man his sister had just seen."

    Presumably he'd missed all vital organs...

  2. Not quite Brian, unless you discount the major pump as a vital organ? :P