Friday, March 28, 2008

Trivial History March 28

The world's second largest king tides start happening around this time of the year at Derby, Westralia. To learn more about them click HERE.

Convict William Bryant, with his missus Mary, their two ankle biters and 7 convicts did a runner from Port Jackson in the Governor's 6 oared cutter.

1810 The stork dropped off Edward Henty, the first permanent settler in Victoria. Read more about Teddy HERE.

In 1851 Melbourne was emptying at an alarming rate and businessmen were worried that the commercial system would collapse with every man heading for the Blue Mountains and the lure of gold. So they came up with a solution - they offered a £200 reward for anyone finding gold within 250 miles of Melbourne.
Within weeks Melbourne was thriving and bustling again.

1876 Academic work was got down to at Adelaide Uni with sheilas being admitted from the very start...pretty advanced for a backwater, eh Brumby?

1877 The first shearing machine was patented by that clever dicky bird Frederic York Wolseley.

1922 Neville Bonner, the first aborigine elected to Parliament, was hatched. Read more about Neville HERE.

Ghost spot-
Lower Portland, on the Hawkesbury River in NSW, used to have pioneer gravestones nearby, from whence a woman's ghostly figure was witnessed appearing and disappearing by travellers walking to the ferry. The gravestones, and the ghost, have long since vanished with time.

1927 Millicent Bryant became the first Aussie female to gain her pilots licence. Read a little more on Marvellous Millicent HERE.

1942 A young wealthy eccentric, Critchley Parker Jr, wandered into the Tassie wilderness to search out a possible area for a Jewish homeland and was never seen alive again.
Read more of this chap's wish to help that went terribly wrong HERE.

1982 For the first time in the history of Aussie Rugby League no points were scored in the entire match between Canterbury and Newtown. Men were heard a'weeping into their lagers that evening.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Buy an imported fish that lived in human sewerage.
Steam it with imported vegies that were fertilised with human sewerage that has the added extra bonus of diseases, synthetic hormones and probable banned chemicals.
Finish the meal with fresh or tinned fruit grown with human faeces as fertiliser, sprayed with possible cancer-causing chemicals and collected by underpaid, overworked employees who have no govt support networks or rights as workers.
Enjoy your global market meal!


  1. we live not far from Lower Portland - I wonder where they would be ?

    I am not too fond of dinner recipe tonight.ewww!

    I enjoy the history lessons.

    thanks for visiting me
    My Little Drummer boys

  2. The gravestones were beside a road that went down to the river junction near a wharf where Wiseman's Ferry used to stop. They disappeared sometime in the 1920's-1930's.

    No, neither am I, lol, tis very ewwww.

    Thanks :)