Sunday, March 30, 2008

Trivial History March 30

While waiting for the kettle to boil, the dogs and I are fighting for space in front of the heater, which makes typing at my computer rather difficult.razz
Feral Beast is refusing to poke even a toe outside his blankets and Feral Queen has burrowed under so far with her hot water bottle that we'll need a cut lunch and a guide dog to get her back out again. Feral Teen merely grunts occasionally.
Ahhhh! Another beautiful day in Melbourne! mrgreen

1791 William and Mary Bryant, while on the run in the guv's boat they'd pinched, went ashore at current-day Newcastle and discovered coal. But, being on the run, they couldn't really shout their discovery to the hill tops.

1804 Charles Menzies (known to his mates as Chuckle-head Charlie...or maybe not) made his grand entrance on the Hunter River to re-establish some small settlement named Newcastle.

1816 Tired of looking at the retro wattle and daub artistic architecture around the joint, Governor Macquarie appointed Francis Greenaway as the Government's official civil architect.

The Church of Christ at Bassendean was knocked together in a single day by 120 volunteers on January 4, 1913, with services held in it the following day.

1856 Residents of East Maitland, NSW were finally able to hang up their broomsticks as the railway line to Newcastle was opened for business.

1867 US Secretary of State William Seward bought himself a bargain at the sales when he picked up Alaska for a measly 2 cents per acre. Newspapers at the time called it Seward's Folly or Andrew Johnson's Polar Bear Garden.
Start humming with me - "Who's sorry now?..."

1870 Pioneering the Strzelecki Track the hard way, Harry Redford and 4 mates overlanded 1000 head of cattle they'd knocked off the Bowen Downs Station and set out for a leisurely jaunt of 2,400 kms from central Qld to South Oz.

Ghost spot-
The Woolnorth Homestead at Cape Grim, Tassie, has several convict cottages one of which is said to be haunted by the spirit of a broken hearted Scot named Mason.

1930 He of the wobble board, Rolf Harris, was pupped in the Bunyip nest. Just think - if The Goodies tv show had come true and they'd managed to mate the Aussie Rolf Harris with the Russian Rolf Harris, we'd be over-run by him, wait.... To read more about Rolf, click HERE.

1932 The Grey Street Bridge was pronounced open in Brisbane although inhabitants of that city might know it better as the William Jolly Bridge.

1942 Knowing how to kick us where it hurt the most, food rationing for the most important food groups, tea, sugar and butter, were introduced.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
To save using the clothes dryer this Winter string up a clothes line in a covered spot - in the garage, laundry, etc. - or invest in a clothes horse to dry your laundry indoors.

1957 She who has garnered more fame and publicity from her non-stage performances (MEOWWW!), Debbie Byrne, was hatched today. Read more about Debra HERE.

1967 In the first of its kind, aborigines used mass civil disobedience and occupied part of Wave Hill Station, NT, to claim it as their native land. 3,250 square kilometres of it was handed back to them in 1975. Read more HERE.

1970 To celebrate the Bicentenary of Jimmy Cook, the Queen and her mob , sans Princes Andy and Eddie, saw our lights on and thought they'd pop in for a cuppa beamed down from the mothership.

Miss Ed Ma Kate Shun's Elucidations-
Buy a rain gauge and let the kids monitor the daily/weekly rainfall in your immediate area.

1987 Filed under "it would only happen in Hollywood".... Paul Hogan gave the opening speech at the 59th Academy Awards in Hollywood. Pffft, that's not a speech, now this is a speech!

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Cattle Musterers' Tea.
In a saucepan boil together 6 large boiled spuds, 2 tins of Irish Stew, 1 200 gm tin green peas, 1 400 gm tin baked beans, 8 bacon rashers and 1 cup macaroni.
Serve with billy tea.


  1. Cattle Musterers' Tea...otherwise known as left overs.

  2. Now you're just giving away all the cooking secrets lol :P